The two weeks of the Andalusian electoral campaign (and months of pre-campaign) have gone a long way. The candidates Juanma Moreno (PP), John Swords (PSOE), John Marin (Cs), Theresa Rodriguez (Forward Andalusia), immaculate grandson (For Andalusia) and Macarena Olona (Vox), have participated in hundreds of events, including meetings with sectors, electoral debates and rallies during these 15 days.

They have traveled thousands of kilometers and have visited many corners of Andalusia. And of course… so much public exposure has led to anecdotes of all kinds, which will remain in the memory of Andalusians.

In the campaign they have sneaked from cows to peacocks, to masturbation lessons and even recipes for cooking French toast. EL ESPAÑOL has listed the 12 best.

1. Juanma Moreno and the cow

The PP candidate Juanma Moreno, was reunited with Fadie the cow on the sixth day of the campaign. This appointment was marked in red on his electoral calendar because it was his talisman to become president in December 2018 against all odds.

In that winter campaign four years ago, a Juanma Moreno, with all the polls against him and with complicated relations with Genoa, asked Fadie directly in front of the cameras: “Are you going to vote for the PP or not? say yes man“. The video went viral and the barrage of criticism was important. Now Moreno, after his first term as president, joked about the possibility of taking her to San Telmo because she is his talisman cow.

The anecdote of the cow has marked the campaign beyond that day. During the last electoral debate, the PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, told Moreno to get his attention: “If necessary, I dress as a cow so that he can listen to me better”.

In addition, he previously greeted one of the protesters waiting at the door of the RTVA, who came disguised as Fadie with the intention of claiming the same intention as Espadas.

The PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, greets a protester dressed as ‘Fadie’.


2. Juan Marin French toast

Juan Marín never imagined that that video while he was cooking French toast at home Holy Wednesday 2020, with Spain housebound for the Covid-19it was going to give so much game.

A derogatory comment Macarena Olona During the last debate, ridiculing those images, he gave rise to one of the best anecdotes of the campaign. Marin shot in a good mood showing off his torrijas and cheekily asking Olona if she knew how to make them. They come out really good… Do you know how to make French toast, Mrs. Olona?“, he replied sarcastically.

[Juan Marín: “Macarena Olona está más perdida que un señor de la limpieza pública en Tarifa”]

And Teresa Rodríguez joined the party and he also used irony to corner Olona, ​​who had previously attacked him with his partner and mayor of Cádiz, Jose Maria Gonzalez kichi. “Save me a few for him kichi“.

The joke was extended by Marín until the next day when he summoned the press to a breakfast with French toast to take advantage of the pull of this dessert on his brake upon Vox’s entry into the Government.

3. Olona and masturbation

In the two debates, Macarena Olona insisted on giving two textbooks to Juanma Moreno to criticize “the indoctrination” that, according to her, they contain.

In the second case, he criticized the fact that Andalusian children under 10 years of age learned lessons in masturbation throwing his hands to his head. However, it was not exactly a textbook but rather a a booklet prepared by the Seville City Council for a concrete program of sexual affective education.

[El ‘libro de texto’ que sacó Olona por la masturbación es un cuadernillo del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla]

To mark the anecdote even more, Teresa Rodríguez was the most forceful in her response, remembering Woody Allen: “Masturbating is making love to the person you love the most”replied defending sex education.

Macarena Olona shows a booklet from the Seville City Council stating that it was a textbook.

Macarena Olona shows a booklet from the Seville City Council stating that it was a textbook.

In the first of the gifts, the candidate read a sentence to criticize the Board for its lack of support for the hunt. “What can we do to help prevent species extinction? Prohibit the hunting of animals“.

However, it was a manual outdatedsince the publisher had changed the phrase of the controversy at the request of the Ministry of Education shortly after being included in the registry.

4. Podemos disappears in Andalusia

But if any party got off to a bad start in the Andalusian campaign, that has been Podemos. After days of tension over the left-wing coalition Through Andalusia on account of the candidate and the distribution of public subsidies, he rushed the purple formation so hard to register that he was late and no Electoral Board has allowed its inclusion.

[La Junta Electoral no permite a Podemos incorporarse fuera de plazo a Por Andalucía]

Formally, For Andalusia is made up of IU, Más País, Verdes Equo Andalucía and the Andalusian People’s Initiative; Podemos and Alianza Verde only support it. Even their candidates have been incorporated into the lists as independents and cannot access the accounts.

5. Diaz’s carelessness

Two days before the election campaign, fate played a trick on the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz. After announcing an employment plan, by the date it was approved, which consisted of allocating 50 million euros to the fight against unemployment in Andalusia.

At the press conference after the Council of Ministers, while photographing himself, he inadvertently showed a document in which the Government admitted, on the eve of the Andalusian elections, the problem of having “a demobilized left”.

The minister, during the press conference this Tuesday, and the carelessness when exhibiting her dossier.

The minister, during the press conference this Tuesday, and the carelessness when exhibiting her dossier.


6. The Peacock Who Didn’t Ask Permission

Last Tuesday Por Andalucía made an unexpected signing in the middle of its central act of Dos Hermanas. It was precisely Yolanda Díaz who reacted most spontaneously when a peacock appreciated on stage and walked it with total naturalness.

A peacock bursts into the act of Por Andalucía.  Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz stands up when she sees him.

A peacock bursts into the act of Por Andalucía. Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz stands up when she sees him.

Europe Press

The animal wanted to be a politician for a day while the president of More Country in Andalusia spoke, Hope Gomez, who could not believe the scene. “A round of applause for the peacock‘ yelled the speaker seeing the animal on stage.

7. The registration of Olona

Another circumstance that marked the pre-campaign was the registration of Macarena Olona in Salobreña, in the home of the president of Vox de Granada, Manuel Martín. The mayor of the town herself, the socialist Maria Eugenia Rufinobegan his withdrawal procedure considering that he did not meet the requirements as he did not reside in the municipality, but finally the Electoral Board allowed his candidacy.

[La Junta Electoral de Granada permite a Olona ser la candidata de Vox: “No hay obstáculo legal]

It has not been the only judicial obstacle that Olona. Last Thursday a court in Madrid rejected precautionary suspension of his candidacy contrary to what was requested by a party member who alleges that the candidates have been elected by finger.

[Macarena Olona incumple su promesa y sólo dejará su acta de diputada si le van bien las andaluzas]

His seat in Congress also sparked controversy. A mid-May Vox announced that its candidate would leave at the beginning of the campaign to devote himself “body and soul” to Andalusia. However, he delayed it until the Andalusian Parliament was constituted and not the first day of the campaign, as had been promised.

8. ‘Iberdrolone’

Another occurrence that marked the last electoral debate came from the hand of Teresa Rodríguez. While she got involved with Olona about hersustainability, the defense of the environment and Vox’s “denialism” towards climate change, the woman from Cádiz reproached him for having shares in Iberdrola. “Iberdrolonwe can call her today“, Told him.

Olona replied that she had invested 700 euros of her savings: “Surely it is less than what is spent on kichi bingeing”, again appealing to his partner.

9. The fake Vox affiliate

In the first week of the campaign, Vox published a video on its social networks in which it appeared Macarena Olona convincing a militant dissatisfied with the PP.

The party presented it as a fortuitous encounter during a walk through a street market in Dos Hermanas, but EL ESPAÑOL has been able to verify that it is a montage.

“I’ve been in the Popular Party for more than twenty years. Do you see the card? It’s me, this is what it’s worth.” The man takes out a card from the PP, crushes it until it breaks and threatens to throw it on the ground, but he stops himself.

the man is called Jose Antonio Garcia Cuestas and, although he was a member of the Popular Party in the past, he has been collaborating with Vox since 2019 and belongs to his Seville group.

10. Feijóo’s “dumb dick”

The first weekend of the campaign, the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijoogot entangled in Granada comparing the Granada sunset, from the Mirador de San Nicolás With views to The Alhambra, with those of Finisterre. Although he really degraded the Andalusian with his comment.

However, the president of the Andalusian PSOE, Manuel Pezzibegan to muddy the campaign by calling it, “no sexual connotations, dickheads” on their social networks. In addition, the PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, jumped on the bandwagon and said that the comparison had been “a shit.”

11. Lastra and the streets

Last Tuesday the deputy general secretary of the PSOE, Adriana Lastraencouraged the socialist militancy present at a rally held in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) to vote this Sunday “so I don’t have to go out on Monday”.

Lastra’s statements must be framed in what happened after the Andalusian elections of December 2, 2018. The next day, there were numerous protests both due to the result obtained by Vox (12 parliamentarians) and due to the government agreement that was already sensed between PP and Cs. The same one that would put an end to 37 years of socialist government at the head of the Board by losing the absolute majority.

12. Griñán and Chaves, “honest people”

Last Wednesday the former Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero campaigned to claim the “pride” that, according to his vision, should produce for the militants the presidencies of Manuel Chavez Y Jose Antonio Grinan both convicted of the ERE case.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at the rally in Vélez-Málaga where he praised the figures of Chaves and Griñán.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at the rally in Vélez-Málaga where he praised the figures of Chaves and Griñán.

Specifically, he assured that the socialist regional presidents, whom he mentioned one by one, “will go down in history as those who changed Andalusia, as honest people personally, because they are.” Criticism from his political opponents and on Twitter fell on him like crazy.

These have been the most striking anecdotes during this campaign, which ended this Friday. In it, animals, masturbation lessons, comments, gifts and insults have become the true protagonists during these 15 days. What happens this Sunday will be another story.

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