The second phase managed to remove the bad taste in the mouth left by the first among the public, who tonight could enjoy some Burlonas and some Crazy Devils who finally raised the level of the contest. The formations directed by Adela Peña and Tomy Carvajal, respectively, dazzled on a night in which the rest could only follow the colossal trail they left after their performances. Even so, Triqui Traques, Desbocados, MásQLocas and Ni Pico Ni Corto managed to maintain the desire to party and the good atmosphere that was breathed in the venue.

Teasing (2012)

They open the murgas phase with their parades and voices as perfect as usual that make the audience shout “that really is a piece of murga” from the beginning. His costume, although simple, looks great in conjunction with the effect of the spotlights.

in your topic Science Fiction Fact They show that they are queens of criticism and irony, suggesting that reality is greater than science fiction. They begin the lyrics ironically about the summer carnival to continue criticizing what was already wrong before the pandemic: “Our pandemic is the rancid politics that brought us here.” They continue without pause reminding Irene Montero that the fight against machismo is serious enough to worry so much about inclusive language. From the minister to Bermúdez, who is reminded that the neighborhoods are still in misery, but also against the rest of the political groups in Santa Cruz. They conclude by charging the mayor and Enrique Camacho again for their management of the virtual carnival, reminding them that they are there to criticize: “In our lyrics, to denounce reality.”

The usual Mockers who fell in love with the Campus. Exquisite voices, perfect diction, strength on stage, criticism and irony masterfully combined in argumentative lyrics full of content. The best of the contest so far.

Crazy Devils (1970)

The fans delivered without stepping on stage. They are a great, historical and beloved murga by the public. They start with a parade of Majorettes on stage honoring their allegory and they don’t need more to be spectacular. With his parade came the show, laughter and movement to the contest, and people danced showing that if they wanted something it was Devils.

Sounding like a cannon, they begin their song “For I’m aware”, in which they ironically make fun of those who know everything. Although at the beginning of the song the diction fails a little because of the counter-songs, the smarty They pick up the pace and begin to criticize, revealing to the public that Enrique Camacho, director of the gala, censored the murgas song at this year’s gala. They continue with humor to explain to the men what to say to their wives, only to later come back with criticism and attack Bermúdez and his management “be ashamed and close when you leave”. They end up with more harshness against the journalists who write about carnival, this year’s stage and, again, Enrique Camacho, to whom they sing: “This is the unique heritage of the chicharrero”. They close the issue by claiming that they do know about carnival: “The party hurts me, I sucked at it as a child, let no one tell me that I’m wrong” and the audience shouts in unison “Yes, we can”.

With a unique style, they sign a stellar performance with a tronic essence, spectacular voices and lyrics that managed to connect with the public at all times. His criticism and his humor go hand in hand in the same song. They showed that they continue to have murga for a while and that, sometimes, success lies in tradition. Colossal.

Triqui Traques (1968)

With the difficult mission of acting after Burlonas and Diablos Locos, Triqui Traques begins with Natanael Paez, former member of the children’s Rebeldes, starring as a soloist in the presentation, which they dedicate to their hobby. His parade also raises the venue and marks the beat of the hearts of the usual murgueros: “Don’t hesitate any longer”.

In their song “Yo soy la Chaxi” they emulate Alexa or Siri to play with humour, a hallmark of the house. They introduce the intelligent voice from the Canary Islands: Chaxi, who corrects them on several occasions: “Amazon is not said to be Amazon”, or replies: “Who are you going to control, lousy”. Although it is a humorous theme, the content is based solely on one joke after another, such as when they ask him to put on a Triqui theme and Chaxi puts on a Triquikona theme, which they praise, or when they ask for advice to give something to “la piva” and recommends the satisfayer. They strike a chord when they ask Chaxi to put them current news, which they take advantage of to talk about how the carnival makes people forget the bad and enjoy themselves. They end up putting the public on their feet.

They sign a performance that in a contest with the level of this year is not out of place. With a well-planned theme and an idea that allowed them to play with the humor that characterizes them, they interacted with the public and made them participate in the song. The Triquis of the golden age seem to return at times, but it did not happen.

Runaways (2006)

They sing in their presentation what it means for them to be a Desbocado. Parade that sounds great and is reminiscent of the murga that made it to the final for the first time in 2020, after years of trying.

In their song “Not everything goes” they criticize the way in which immigration has been managed, they compare communists with fascists and continue to talk about the problem of betting shops in the neighborhoods and “young people losing their minds”. From there to the bankers and an acid criticism of Bermúdez, who compare them with Julio Pérez to dictate: “Frauding they are the same, for them anything goes.” In an attempt to excite, they rescue firefighters, police officers and security forces for their work in the pandemic. They charge against the virtual carnival and Enrique Camacho to end with a lelevator in which members of NGOs are brought on stage to donate their virtual carnival subsidy, murguera solidarity to go to the final?

Although with practically constant voices throughout the performance, Desbocados did not rescue the magic that it showed in 2020, staying in an attempt to raise the venue with its stanzas that, although they had a good common thread, only served to put in a hodgepodge of criticism that did not They had time to digest.

MoreQLocas (2013)

With the handicap of the controversy generated a few weeks ago with his drummer, MásQLocas began his performance. The voices did not accompany them at the beginning, but they managed to solve it throughout their parade, which they premiered in this edition.

In their theme “The Committee of Experts”, they present themselves as experts in everything capable of knowing even what the weather is going to be like, although later they begin to unravel everything they do not understand, wondering why wars and weapons do not end. From there to refer to La Palma to wonder where all the donated money is or criticize those who “were looking for the ashes while La Palma did not stop crying.” They continue to criticize those who set themselves up as experts on murgas and only come to dance the parades or “those who go to the bar when a female sings.” They end with a tribute to the fans and the groups of the carnival, bringing members of the groups to the stage “thanks to you I’m here.

Vocals and diction came and went at times in the performance. The lyrics, although with an original and current idea, failed to engage and, at times, it became difficult to follow the common thread. With some interesting critical peaks, they managed to get out one more year despite all the inconveniences they have had this year.

Neither Peak Nor Short (1973)

Presentation in gratitude to their fans that served as a preamble to their historic “walking through the streets of Toscal”, which they sang with a slight musical deterioration compared to 2020.

With its lyrics “A song by levels” they summarize everything they have had to experience this year with the different levels of the pandemic: “You have to get used to it, resign yourself, the levels change everywhere.” They also take advantage of the play on words to talk about how La Laguna has lost its level with fights and large bottles or to criticize the delay in aid from La Palma, that Anaga and San Andrés are level 2 for the city council or the closure of Celgán: “ Celgán was employment for my land”. They play with the colors of the traffic light to charge against the canaryon: “You don’t have the essence, here the carnivals are sucked from childhood”. When it seems that they finish, they start again to demand the critics in the murga.

As expected, the essence that Ni Pico Ni Corto breathed years ago vanished in this edition. Lacking in diction, rhythm, and vocals, they seemed, in parts, lost in song. Given the situation due to COVID-19 and the one they experienced with the departure of a large part of their components to La Sonora, they managed to get out and that is their prize.

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