Nutritionist Perevalova advised choosing ice cream from natural dairy products

Nutritionist Olga Perevalova suggested a way to distinguish harmful ice cream from healthy. Her words are reported by the Sputnik radio publication.

According to the expert, some brands of ice cream may contain harmful ingredients that adversely affect health. Producers of delicacies face certain difficulties, trying to strike a balance between price and quality, therefore, in pursuit of profit, they can use “chemistry” instead of natural ingredients, Olga Perevalova specified. To avoid negative consequences, she advised to pay attention to the composition and choose ice cream made from natural dairy products.

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“Ice cream is the most insidious product on our market. Ice cream producers fall into a “fork” between quality and cost. If it is made from natural products like milk, cream, sugar, and so on, then such a dessert will be expensive. To reduce the price, manufacturers can replace, for example, milk fat with vegetable fat, ordinary milk with powdered milk, and sugar will no longer be from beets. Also, all kinds of flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives will be additionally introduced so that the ice cream can be stored longer. In a sense, it will turn out to be a “chemical bomb,” the expert explained.

The doctor also advised to pay attention to an alternative ice cream – popsicles based on frozen juice.

“In the summer, ice cream is an indispensable snack option, so you should specifically look for ice cream made from natural dairy products. Alternatively, you can buy popsicles based on frozen fruit juice. Either of these two solutions will be better than ice cream with milk substitutes and milk fat, ”the nutritionist concluded.

Earlier, dietitian Elena Solomatina named the most harmful types of ice cream. According to her, it is better to choose natural ice cream and avoid popsicles and chocolate ice cream.

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