“First Dates”: Candidate lies cheekily in the face of waitress Mariella

06/13/2022 at 4:45 p.m

This is the Vox show “First Dates”

This is the Vox show “First Dates”

It is an integral part of the Vox evening program, the dome show “First Dates”. We present the show.

show description

first date“ starts a current week with new blind dates. On Monday evening (June 13), 20-year-old Kuno and 19-year-old Ronald are looking for a partner for life at the popular dome show. When their eyes meet for the first time, the chemistry between the two is immediate.

These are the best prerequisites for a possible relationship. While the two at the table are waiting for their food, “first date“-waitress Mariella stops by and asks the two a question. Ronaldo promptly lies to her face. How does his blind date Kuno react to this?

“First Dates”: He doesn’t like the food in the restaurant at all

Ronaldo and Kuno are longingly waiting for the food they have ordered – because Kuno in particular seems to have brought a big appetite with him. Little bites are already on the table. But Kuno is not quite sure whether they are allowed to eat them.

“Are we actually allowed to snack here?” he asks, pointing to the small morsels. “Definitely. These are for you, so go for it,” waitress Mariella replies. When Kuno picks up one of the appetizers, he already suspects that he won’t like it.


This is the Vox show”first date“:

  • “First Dates – A Table For Two” was first broadcast in 2018
  • The show runs in Germany on Vox and in Austria on ATV
  • The German edition takes place in a warehouse in Cologne-Ehrenfeld
  • “First Dates Austria” is filmed in a restaurant in Vienna
  • Since 2020, an offshoot of “First Dates” has been broadcast in Germany with “First Dates Hotel”.
  • At “First Dates Hotel” vacationers are looking for love in a hotel complex


It’s dates wrapped in bacon and he doesn’t seem to like that at all – at least the bacon. But brave as he is, he tries them anyway. Suddenly he bursts out: “Boha! I don’t like it at all!”

“First Dates” candidate Ronaldo fids cheekily in the face of waitress Mariella

Then the waitress comes back to the table and asks Ronaldo and his date if they like it. He promptly says: “Yes, very tasty!” When Mariella is gone, he grimaces and has to start laughing.

Kuno laughs too. So the little white lie doesn’t seem to have been a bad thing. Hope the main course tastes better. But it’s not about the food, it’s about their blind date. How’s it going?


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So far, the two guys from the Ruhrpott get along well and spend a fun and nice evening together. Is it enough for a second date? You can find out on Monday evening (June 13) from 6 p.m. on VOX or in advance on RTL+ media library.

Not all blind dates go well on the couple show on VOX. One of last week’s “First Dates” contestants worked up a sweat at THIS question. His blind date didn’t like that at all >>>

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