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The events of the Andalusian campaign this week are being one more example of the conflict between Yolanda Diaz and we can. The formation that leads Ione Belarra He knew at the last minute the call for a meeting at the Torre de los Perdigones in Seville for this Wednesday, to which Podemos has not been invited.

Nothing indicates, therefore, that the chaos and quarrels have ended in Por Andalucía (where Más País Andalucía and Podemos Andalucía are integrated) or in the leaders who manage the candidacy from Madrid. And there is more.

Not only Podemos has been excluded from this act in a province in which number two on the list belongs to that party. Yolanda Díaz, through her chief of staff, Joseph Vendrellhas also received complaints about next weekend’s rallies, tailored to the wishes of Inigo Errejon.

On Saturday, Por Andalucía is presented in Córdoba, at a meeting at the Teatro La Axerquía. Minister Belarra has already been invited to this event Juan Antonio Delgadothe defenestrated purple candidate.

ACT By Andalucia CÓRDOBA

But when Errejón chose not to coincide with the national leaders of Podemos, Más País has sent Hope Gomezhead of the list for Seville, and stays out Jose Manuel Gomezfrom We Can In other words, the head of the coalition list in Córdoba will not participate in the main campaign rally in his capital.

In addition, the rally is held at 8:00 p.m., “that is, with no media coverage” on the weekend, they lament within Podemos. Even with schedule problems for the return AVE for residents in Madrid. Above all, from Minister Belarra, almost four months pregnant.

The fact is that the next morning, Sunday, at the Palacio de Congresos de Málaga -in the other direction of the AVE- there will be an electoral act with Errejón and Díaz as the main stars… and no one from Podemos.

Act For Andalucia Malaga

Act For Andalucia Malaga

EL ESPAÑOL has been able to confirm that the purple leadership has asked to fill the poster with one of its national leaders, but has received a “no” response. Representing the purples will be Joseph Pineapplecouncilor of Torremolinos.


This newspaper has already reported how the agreement was finalized so that the head of the list of Por Andalucía would finally be Inma Grandsonof the United Left, the one chosen by Alberto Garzon according to Íñigo Errejón.

The goal of the two former enemies – they clashed over the pact of the bottles With which paul churches and the IU leader closed the coalition for the June 2016 elections – it was to relegate Juan Antonio Delgado. The deputy and civil guard had been elected in the Podemos primaries for that position. But there was a last-minute call from the vice president’s cabinet, at 11:29 p.m. on the last day of the deadline to present coalitions, imposing on the purple party that it had to “give in.”

It was also this newspaper that explained last Sunday the “nonexistent” coordination between the second vice president of the Government and the general secretary of Podemos, as well as that their relationship “is still to be built.”

Since Yolanda Díaz succeeded Pablo Iglesias in the leadership of United We Can in the Executive, she has only met once at the ministerial coordination table. The other heiress, Ione Belarra, who took charge of the match, maintains discipline. Publicly, he assures that “the bet is Yolanda and, without her, there are no options.” But in private he shows disagreement with his times, her ways and many of her political actions.

The amalgamation of six parties that has come together under the leadership of Yolanda Díaz to stand in the 19-J elections under the name of Por Andalucía is the first experiment of its “broad front”… while relegating Podemos.

And as a dress rehearsal, things do not seem to be going to the taste of the formation that economically and logistically feeds the campaign: according to Podemos sources, they put 50% of the financing of the joint campaign of the six parties.

The feeling in Podemos is of being ignored, betrayal and that Díaz would be taking advantage of the discipline order that Belarra still maintains. They do not communicate campaign events, which are closed behind their backs, Errejón maneuvers to lead posters, and the organization of the events (which is handled by IU) does not meet logistical requests requested by the purple leaders.

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