Federal judge Daniel Refecas requested information on all the documentation related to the bidding process for the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline in the state company of Energía Argentina (former Integración Energética Argentina), in Enargas and in the Secretariat of Energy. The judge asked for information and took all the data on a flash drive. There was no seizure of files, documents or specifications. And in contrast to what the media system maintained during the night, a source from the court added: “We asked for the documents and they delivered them.” The first data showed that the bidding process was not started, there was no award and therefore no fraud. The speed of the measure tries to prevent the judicialization from paralyzing the work, as explained in court.

“The sequestration of papers or folders or sheets does not exist anymore,” added the same source. “Actually we take a digital copy, the entire bidding process is digital, so we take what is requested on a flash drive.”

The disposition was taken from a complaint filed by the lawyer Santiago Dupuy de Lome, to which two others from the opposition joined the case. The complainants raised the hypothesis of an address in the tender as a result of the off the record released last Friday from the Ministry of Production.

The court ordered the measures after a request from the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli but the first analyzes showed that the bidding process has just begun and since there was no award, there could have been no fraud. “We are going to study the issue although we already see that the bidding has just started. That means that there was no adjudication or possible fraud”, they pointed out around the magistrate.

festival of denunciations

To the presentation of the Dupuy de Lome, another of the leader and lawyer was added over the weekend Jamil Santoroof the United Republicans party headed by Ricardo López Murphy.

On Monday, the third complaint was also added, in this case from the deputies of Together for Change, Grace Ocana Y waldo wolff. Dupuy de Lomé shares with Santoro, Ocaña and Wolff the category of assiduous visitors to the denunciations. Until before the quarantine, he spent five days a week touring the floors of the Retiro building and in a strict shirt and jeans he frequented the press room. The three complaints that are accumulated could paralyze the work. In this context, the speed of the court is also explained.

The project is one of the most important works in Argentina. And it must be executed quickly. A judicialization does not help at all to accelerate the program, on the contrary, it paralyzes it, they explained in the case. “That is why we must act quickly so that the suspicions are cleared or confirmed.”

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