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Letters and counter letters. Tweets and counter-tweets. Mauricio Macri and Gerardo Morales seemed to decide that the internal of Together for Change did not have to fall behind the Front of All and went out to tell each other everything. Morales accused the former president of wanting to break up Together for Change to go with Javier Milei. The former president responded to the head of the UCR that his appreciation was “excessive” and his minions sent him to take a Rivotril. Morales returned to the fray and argued that Macri is campaigning to stay relevant by attacking his electoral partners. Behind the fireworks lies the big question: who will head the presidential list next year? The UCR or the PRO?

It is a game of mistrust: in radicalism, they believe that Macri makes those blows of effect to return to the public scene and not pass into insignificance. In the mirror, in the PRO they believe that the way in which Morales answers Macri is to be news and position himself as the UCR candidate for the presidency.

It all started (if these things have a beginning) at a conference –one of those in which populism is taken as the sum of all evils– in which Macri placed Hipólito Yrigoyen as one of the first populists. “Populism originated in Latin America and perhaps Argentina is where it started, first with Yrigoyen and later with Perón and Evita”he mentioned.

you have a letter

The response from the UCR was immediate. Morales answered him with an extensive letter in which he questioned him for that characterization and accused him of wanting to break up Together for Change.

“The path is tolerance and dialogue, attributes that society demands of those of us who have political responsibility. The same attributes that until recently you claimed of Hipólito Yrigoyen, a statesman like few others. As president of radicalism, I cannot let go of your latest disqualification about who was the first president elected by popular vote, leaving behind decades of fraud and corruption,” he confronted Macri. “If your intention is to break JxC to seek an agreement with sectors of the extreme anti-democratic right, it is best to say it concretely”he claimed.

“Attacking the identity of a party does not help, it is incomprehensible”said the president of the National Convention of the UCR, Gastón Manes.

PRO response

Macri’s hawks were the first to go work on Morales’ ribs. “If we answered all the radical criticism of the PRO with your same story, everything would break. Are you looking for that? Calm down a bit, try Rivotril“, answered the deputy Fernando Iglesias, true to his style. “Distracting attention from the calamities of this government of incompetents is a great irresponsibility, and we do not fall for it. This weekend they have added that they cast mutual suspicions of corruption in a government that vanishes day after day”, commented Hernán Lombardi, close to Macri.

The former president tried a less aggressive tone: he did not treat Morales as “irresponsible” nor did he send him to consume psychotropic drugs, he only accused that his letter was “clearly excessive.” And he shared a speech of his. “I always valued the ideas of radicalism in its different nuances,” he assured.

However, he did not stop questioning the letter from the head of the UCR: “I especially regret how inappropriate it is in the face of the anguish and the tiredness of the Argentines, who today demand unity and clarity in our ideas about how we are going to get the country forward,” wrote Macri.

answer to answer

Morales not only was not satisfied with that response from Macri, but he returned to the letter, this time in a radio report. There he said that Macri “should occupy a more lateral role; he has been president, he can contribute better to Together for Change.” “The attitudes that he generates seeking centrality to be a candidate hinder the political career of some emerging PRO, such as Patricia Bullrich or Horacio Rodríguez Larreta”, He launched.

The governor of Jujuy also warned that “it is not the first time” that Macri has offended them. He indicated that what he said is either “an expression of bad faith or ignorance of the history of our country.” “He acted in bad faith if he intends to reach an agreement with the extreme right, anti-democratic, which is the expression that today arises from anti-politics”, he stated, in an obvious allusion to Milei. In turn, Morales warned that he has another policy of alliances in mind: “We think of sectors of Peronism that have programmatic coincidences,” he affirmed.

Neither Bullrich nor Larreta said this mouth is mine before the interdict. Close to the president of the PRO, they analyzed that Morales is dying to retire Macri but it does not seem that he will be able to.

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