The fourth season of Borgen (premiere last Thursday by Netflix) begins with an eloquent Nordic postcard: a group of men slaughter a whale while others discover oil in the vicinity of a fjord declared a World Heritage Site. As raw as it is clean, the scene in question could glimpse some other symbolism about the story that is presented in these eight episodes, and by elevation, it serves as a metaphor for the political drama conceived by Adam Price. “Borgen it is more than anything a study of power”, said recently its creator. Nine years have passed since its last edition, and beyond the fact that there is a new role and dilemma for its main character, nothing smells stale. The rotten comes from that dissection of power in Denmark and the current geopolitical agenda.

“The future is female” – that is the title of the first chapter – presents Birgitte Nyborg (imposing Sidse Babett Knudsen) as the person in charge of Foreign Affairs of a coalition that looks like the casting of “a Hollywood movie destined for success”. “They included women, non-ethnic Danes, sensitive men, alternative sexualities and wheelchairs to make it work well,” describes an analyst on TV. Inside the administration, however, they would like the former strong woman of Borgen (as the headquarters of the three powers is colloquially called) to function as a decorative element. Moreover, the great antagonist in this section of the story is the new prime minister. Beyond the fact that they make press releases together, Signe Kragh (Johanne Louise Schmidt) has different ways and vision than her predecessor.

The trigger for this story will be the discovery of hydrocarbons in an arctic region. “I care about the climate, therefore this government does too. And Denmark has ruled Greenland for over three hundred years, so they have a right to be sensitive,” Nyborg declares. Like a The West Wing that changes Washington for Copenhagen, Nyborg has to mediate between the ideals it represents and the situation. The handling of power appears with its characters (officials, journalists and advisers) and although it touches dark keys (crossed interests, gossip, the relationship with the press) it does not abandon a certain idealistic touch and – great achievement – ​​be plausible at the same time. Without going further, the interference of the superpowers in foreign regions for natural resources gives T4 of Borgen an unusual present.

Another interest of the delivery is to delve into the intimate life of its characters or, better said, how the work takes its toll on the family field. “There are no longer children at home or abandoned husbands. I have no obligations, ”says the protagonist with her libido put into public affairs. Katrine Fønsmark, one of the very few people she trusts (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen), has just been promoted to head of a television channel, ergo, she cannot be seen fraternizing with the official. For the head of the installment, rather than a fourth season, this version reinvents and revitalizes the saga while maintaining its DNA and primary focus. “Birgitte Nyborg is in a different chapter of her life. She is no longer the rookie that we had seen in the first season, ”Price sentenced.


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