Alex Rins did not hold his tongue after being a victim of Nakagami and that the commissioners did not sanction the Japanese. The Suzuki rider was very angry with what happened and charged against Race Direction, the Stewards Panel and Freddie Spencer, which leads the latter. Nakagami brought down Rins and Pecco Bagnaia in the first corner and Race Direction called it a “race throw”.


“What is unacceptable and inadmissible is having the stewards that we have, and perhaps the Race Directorate, Mike Webb (race director) is there with the stewards. That there is no decision after this action is very strong. Because leaving aside the Mugello incident, there can be many points of view, it is unacceptable that they do what they do. Of course I am going to press and talk to Carmelo (Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna) because this has been discussed in the Security Commission, this past Friday we talked about the Mugello incident between Nakagami and me, and then we talked about the experiences of others pilots and is unacceptable.


«First of all I hope that Nakagami is very well. What he has done is very bad, crossing the track, braking so late, taking two riders ahead, but I hope he is fine. From what has been seen in the images, he has thrown Pecco with his head. Although what is unacceptable and inadmissible is having the ‘stewards’ (commissioners) that we have. And maybe Race Direction, because Mike Webb is there with the stewards. That there is no future action on the incident is very strong… It is very strong because, putting aside the Mugello incident, on which there are many points of view, people who believe that Taka was the one who shot me, people who can see that it was my fault for not moving away, it is unacceptable that they do what they do. Of course I’m going to put pressure, I’m going to talk to Carmelo (Ezpeleta). This has been discussed in the ‘Safety commission’. In this Friday, in Montmeló, we were talking about the Mugello incident, and then we continued talking about experiences that other riders had had with the ‘stewards’ in the past… About things. And it’s unacceptable.”

What have they been based on to do nothing?

“Well I do not know. I don’t know what they were based on. Livio Suppo has gone to talk to them… What they have shown is that they do not have the level to be in the MotoGP championship. Until something big happens, nothing will happen. Today they have left me without options for the championship, and Pecco too, they have killed this championship for him. What’s done is done, and let’s see what happens in the following races».

How is it in hand?

“I have had an X-ray done at the circuit hospital and it seems that I have a small fracture. Now I’m going to go to the Dexeus to check it out, but I don’t have any movement up and down… We’ll see what happens. I already tell you that the decision they have made does not seem normal to me. As I said before, there are two things: there are very aggressive drivers on the track, but if those who are at the top, those who control, do nothing about it, there is nothing to do.

Who should be on that panel of stewards?

«He has shown that he is too old to be there (in relation to Freddie Spencer). Someone younger, I don’t know, who has competed in this new era, someone who has recently retired. I do not know. But I ask you: what experience do you have?»

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