Kaufland customer looks at the receipt and is puzzled – what does THAT mean?

Kaufland: The success story of the supermarket chain

Kaufland: The success story of the supermarket chain

The food retail chain Kaufland was founded in 1968 and has its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg. Like the discounter Lidl, the Kaufland Foundation and Co. KG belongs to the Schwarz Group. Kaufland employs a total of 132,000 people.

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confusion at Kaufland!

After his purchase at Kaufland one customer didn’t really know what was happening to him. Looking at the receipt, he notices an unusual item.

Kaufland: Receipt causes confusion

Not only Kaufland customers regularly insist on the receipt after their purchases. Some customers want to keep the voucher in order to be able to exchange purchased goods later if necessary. After their purchase, other customers want to check whether the cashiers might have made a mistake. And still other customers need the receipt to keep their own household budget clean.

The last group includes a customer who recently shared his experiences with a previous purchase on the Kaufland Facebook page. He made a discovery on the receipt that irritated him.

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“Since I keep a household book, I always ask for the receipt,” the customer writes there: “Today I noticed that I had to pay a cent less.” And further: “After the total came an item: card payment 0.01 Euro. This item has been deducted from the bill.”

Kaufland: Other customers know more

Another customer immediately had an explanation ready: “You paid one cent with a card and then the rest. That happens when the customer wants to pay with a card and the cashier accidentally comes up with the 1 before approving the card payment. Something like that can happen and is not really tragic.”


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“That could well be,” admits the Kaufland customer in an answer to the well-informed customer. He informed the cashier that he wanted to pay with his cell phone. When he held the cell phone to the terminal, there was initially no response. “The employee then asked again, and the second attempt worked without any problems. But I actually paid a cent less.” (dhe)

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