Menstruating people

Suppose you were born as a woman, but in transition to become a man. Then you may be menstruating for a while as a man. Can; fine – after all, everything is possible in 2022. But now that there is a very small chance that you will meet someone in conversation, or reach someone with a written text in which you talk about menstruating women – and are therefore not inclusive – it must be about ‘menstruating people’. At least according to the group Feminists of Maastricht.

Organic drawing board

I don’t like to claim anything, but if something exclusively for us women, somewhere from the age of 13, causes such an unbelievable amount of nuisance and irritation, I think it is at least a bit crooked that we now suddenly have a human problem to make of. Half of the people have zero, but really ZERO problems. They have come off as bizarrely gifted as possible on the biological drawing board.

sick movement

Women menstruate and a handful of people in transition. But now that pigeonholing is pretty much tantamount to torturing newborn puppies, we should be talking about “people” menstruating. I find it downright insane. A sick move.

Not awake

Woke types believe that they fight for others, but in my view they are mainly concerned with themselves and a select group of like-minded people. The language has to be adapted for them. They think it is permissible to start a war, to pillory or cancel others because of their – and here it comes, oh irony – ‘open-mindedness’. They are so inclusive that they don’t realize they write most people off as ‘not awake’.

On the attack

The other is transphobic, racist and narrow minded† That is communicated with a fierceness that makes you nauseous. I have gotten myself into a discussion on social media a few times, from which I quickly ran away.

You can’t talk to it, I noticed. There is only one way of thinking correct and that is theirs. If you go against it, they mobilize and go on the attack. Only if you’re good, you count, is my experience.

No problems with it

As I’ve shrugged my shoulders a few times, blocked here and there lazily and moved on to the (more important) order of the day, more and more people think it’s a piece of cake with those crazy rascals.

But that ‘let them talk’ does lead to less and less contradiction. People either don’t feel like completely derailed conversations or they don’t want to be cancelled, because this group has no problem with that either.


Connecting, huh? No, absolutely not indeed. Wanting to get rid of pigeonholing, but meanwhile putting the vast majority of society in a box that you don’t want anything to do with. The box people are put in who refuse to accept your opinion, because they also have something like a working brain.

Woke I just often find poisonous and not nearly as good for others as they think they are. But who tells them? And will it land?


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