This is how you recognize the manipulative dating scam

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At first glance, negging sounds like a well-intentioned compliment. We explain to you how easily the phenomenon can lead to a toxic relationship.

Another one dating phenomenon. As if we had with them toxic trends like benching, orbiting, gatsbying and freckling aren’t already enough red flags in our heads to watch out for during a date. But be careful: negligee put it up a notch again. What about this Technology is all about and how you can recognize negging, we will tell you now.

Negging: What is it?

Negging describes a toxic behavioryours self-consciousness diminishes. You will supposed compliments made, but they have a bitter aftertaste and you harm on a second level.

Examples of negations

The following phrases should not be said on a date or in a relationship and have absolutely nothing to do with flirting:

  • Racist stereotypes: “I had no idea I was into Asian women/guys.”
  • Criticism of the hair color: “Actually, I’m not into blonde women/men.”
  • Body shaming: “You’re a lot more attractive when you’re wearing a dress.”
  • Fat shaming: “But you have a pretty face.”
  • Suggestions for improvement: “You’re short, but you can just wear heels.”
  • Compare: “There are taller and slimmer men/women than you, but you have a great character.”

What are negs?

This hurtful innuendos and quirky compliments that mostly come out uncertainty or narcissistic traits to be pronounced, to call themselves Negs. People who practice negging often have one little confidence and want to get through Negs provide authority and strength – at the expense of those affected. Negs usually have a double bottom and sound like a compliment at first, but later turn out to be a compliment nasty insult. People who “negg” other people are called “neggers”.

That’s why negging is so dangerous

A single nasty neg may be an oversight, but it’s still inexcusable. If negging is the order of the day during the getting-to-know-you phase or in the relationship, these toxic compliments can become toxic dangerous consequences to have:

  • You change: There is a particular danger when a person you love and do not want to lose is negging. You adapt to his or her wishes and dye your hair, wear clothes that he/she likes and lose your own identity step by step.
  • Jokes are at your expense: It has nothing to do with loving teasing when your weaknesses are hung up on not only in private but also in large groups and jokes are made at your expense.
  • You see problems that aren’t there: Negs are not infrequently aimed at external features. If someone keeps emphasizing that you should change something about your body or style over and over again, you’re likely to believe it at some point. This is why it is so important to pull the ripcord early on.
  • He/She forces you to prove yourself: Negging can make you want to convince him/her otherwise. At first glance, this behavior sounds like high self-esteem, but the constant evidence drains you of more energy than the relationship is possibly giving you. An unequal bill.

Overcome Negging: This is what you can do as a victim

If you experience negging while dating or in your relationship, you can address openlyhow you feel with those unwelcome compliments and that you don’t want to listen to the snarky comments any longer. The reports from the First-person perspective can help give the negging person insight into what those “compliments” are doing to you and how you’re feeling. If the person uses the negging repertoire unconsciously and out of uncertainty, they will quickly abandon it after a clarifying conversation.

However, does your partner need this form of dependency, for example because he or she narcissistic traits shows and from this demeaning behavior his Gaining recognition, power and energyin this case you should have a separation think about it, otherwise your partnership could easily turn into a toxic relationship could slip off. Also a Conversation with friendswho are often present when jokes are being made at your expense can help with the decision to break up.

During dating, and especially in a couple relationship, you should be comfortable with who you are. Negging lowers your confidence and prevents you from being who you are. We shouldn’t let anyone tell us how we should look, how we should dress, much less should we have to prove to another person why we are worth loving.

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