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For all those producers who have requested the electricity subsidy for use of agricultural irrigationit is important to be sure that you have already registered this service in your rate.

This because the cost of electric light for the field it is a bit high, and with the subsidy a discount of approximately 80% is made on the CFE receipts, but as long as you are not registered, the service continues to be charged at the normal price.

Something that many farmers are interested in knowing is the moment in which they will be able to start using their pumping equipment to irrigate their crops, this is something very simple to know, since the subsidy was requested in the corresponding DDR and the file to the delegation what follows is to wait.

The course of the procedure has a duration of no more than two months, they could even be surprised to know that in less than a month they will already be registered in the CFE.

To find out if you already have the service, you may notice a change in the CFE receiptboth on the front and back, you can see it in the upper left part, as you can see on your electricity bill for your property, you will first find your name with the address data.

Below these data we find the Service Number, this is the one found in the database and is the one that is registered to recognize your meter, below another RMU number (Mobile User Registration) appears, it is also another piece of information important to capture.

Following the line down is where you will find the most important change that your electricity bill should have, where it says “Rate” on one side it should say 9CU (Single Charge); surely as you will remember when you contracted the service your rate was 9 or 9M, already with the subsidy it changes to 9CU.

In the lower right part of the back of your CFE receipt, you will see a box that says “Important Notice”, in green letters, it has four points:

  • Register key
  • energy quota
  • Court
  • Customer service

The most important point of this picture is precisely “energy quota“, where the fee that was provided for the subsidy is indicated, this has to do directly with the horsepower (HP) of your pumping equipment.

When the data of your invoice or invoices is entered, the program where the request is made makes an automatic calculation of the kilowatts that your subsidy will have, in addition to this extremely crucial data, another appears on the side that is almost the same or even more important to know.

The word that is mentioned is “consumed”, this means all the kilowatts of electrical energy that have been consumed, so care must be taken not to consume them completely, although in reality there should be no problem, due to the calculation that is did with the property and you Pumping equipment.

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To give you an example: if you work with 5 hectares, you cover all your irrigation with a 5 HP electric pump, or failing that, two pumps, one with 2 HP and the other with 3 HP, which together are 5, the calculation for the kilowatts is fair. what you need for irrigation, so you should adjust it over a year.


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