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In a totally opposite sense to the philosophy of a Top Gun pilot, the sequel to the 1986 film asked its fans for the patience of a monk to wait nearly 40 years (36 to be exact) to see Maverick ride again. the air once more.

Today more than ever, Hollywood is a place where the formula for success demands precision and speed. This is something familiar to a fighter pilot. However, in the case of Top Gun Maverick and other sequels that have had many years between one film and another (Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade Runner 2049, Tron: Legacy), precision and excellence also demanded the exact moment to reach the screens.

Top Gun Maverick it had to endure three years after its original release date in July 2019. It was first delayed to be able to shoot more action sequences and, months later, to face the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, it finally hits the screens this summer of 2022.

This new adventure, we learn that Maverick continues to fly in tests that require taking his body and his ship to the maximum. This until he receives the invitation from the Top Gun Academy. Your new mission: instruct the best young pilots, pplow an extremely dangerous mission that could mean the death of several.

Tom Cruise has mentioned that he wanted to wait for the right time to make the sequel. Thus he managed to form an exceptional team. AAlthough, unfortunately, it does not include the late Tony Scott and Don Simpson (director and prodoctor of the original, respectively) already deceased. Returning is Hollywood producer (and virtual messiah) Jerry Bruckheimer, alongside director Joseph Kosinski with whom Cruise previously worked on oblivion.

The cinema of Kosinski, an architect turned director, has always been characterized by the use of IMAX cameras. He used them from Tron: Legacy, oblivion to real firefighter drama Only the brave. His shots enjoy an aesthetic in which the gadgets and minimalist vehicles are mixed with photorealistic scenarios that take advantage of al maximum la large screen. TAll his films have been photographed by the Chilean Oscar winner Claudio Miranda.

top gun maverick movie

On top of that, Cruise leaned on another of his latest spoiled directors: Christopher McQuarrie. Oscar winner for the screenplay common suspects and director of the most recent two and the next two films of Mission Impossiblewas part of the creative team that developed a script that is the perfect balance between nostalgia and story advancement.

Every piece inside Top Gun Maverick it serves to build the story of the third act and the suicide mission. In this where the technical team deploys all its weapons. On the one hand, the narrative structure makes Cruise shine alongside the rest of the pilots on the mission as the story progresses. On the other hand, Kosinski pulls off one of the most energetic and tense sequences in Tom Cruise’s career. The star continues to prove that he is at the top of his game when it comes to entertaining audiences with real life experiences away from CGI.

top gun maverick movie

The original movie is a classic eighties pop in which stand out the glorification of the army, the soundtrack and a love story. However, the details of the first at times make it a cheesy or merely entertaining tape. However, in the case of this second, the character of Maverick remains the same. PBut the film reaches a maturity that few action films achieve.

And that’s where sequels like Mad Max Fury Road either blade runner 2049which respect the public and deliver an adult work but not for that serious and boring. Top Gun Maverick does the same as Mission Impossible: Fallout: offer a story for all audiences without falling into the sins that many films of the genre already commit. Here there is no character who makes jokes from time to time, no excess of CGI, no big explosions where everyone is saved.

Tom Cruise will always be a Maverick of today’s Hollywood who no longer believes in his heroes and for that he needs superheroes. The modern landscape prefers the effectiveness of computer effects and humor on every page of its script to a story with pauses and a development that is takenand your time. The film asks for the patience of a strategist but offers the precision of a pilot of the stature of Maverick.

top gun maverick movie
Top Gun Maverickthe movie.

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