Some readers are not a big opponent. So has Susanwh has no problem with it: “Then just don’t mention gender at all. I don’t quite understand the problem.” Nico Nobody thinks that is an easy solution: “Just don’t put anything in the registration, so you don’t bump anyone’s head.”

Johanvanderman1001 says: “This falls under my category, it will be a big worry for me. Of course there are patrons who do have problems with it. But I’d rather leave everyone in their own right, live and let live life is short enough already, why do you have to worry about this again, why again meddling over someone else’s life? As long as it doesn’t bother me and I don’t see how that can happen, shrug shoulders and get on with my life.”

Awkut Hepap largely agrees Johanvanderman1001 to: “I wonder why you’re even so worked up about this. Anyone can have that changed in their passport, no problem because it doesn’t bother me, do I? The condition is, of course, that they pay the costs of that passport change themselves.”

Johannes Private says: “Everyone has the right to feel how they want. But no one has a duty to accept the craziness of others.”

‘Idiots in the courtyard’

That is largely done with the concept. Degroot42 responds to e.g Awkut Hepap: „You have no problem with it, but I do. Because those idiots there in the Binnenhof have nothing else to do? Go and reign!”

And not only is it a political issue for some. For some it is also a more principled situation: “A man is a man, a woman is a woman. There are no more flavors and there is no need. You can also be yourself with that gender”, says, for example godfather. He finds many like-minded people: “Very simple, no. If you are born a man and you want to become a woman, you are and will always be a man genetically,” says howler buoy. He continues: “Of course everyone has the right to be themselves, but don’t mess with sexual genetics. If you were born as a man, you will always remain so, even after a sex change you still remain a man genetically.”

Reiniervw draws that line further: “If this total nonsense can just happen, I also want to throw one more into the mix. I want to change my age, I feel 66 years and 10 months, so I am now entitled to AOW and pension.” R Ational says: “All they achieve is more discrimination.”

Skalava48 says: “This country has gone completely crazy, you are who you are and that’s how you were created and came into the world. But because of all those wool-sock programs that brainwash you into taking a different gender.” Perhaps the greatest opponent is Ed-Haarlem: „Sometimes, very occasionally, then I sometimes think… come on Putin, push on to the Netherlands. Then we will be rid of all that idiocy in one fell swoop.”


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