“Open government oh! Government of technocrat oh! Let’s put all that aside, let people focus on what they have to do. I am confident and I know that with this team led by Choguel Kokalla Maïga, under the supervision of Colonel Assimi Goïta, president of the transition, we will very soon have the most successful elections in Mali,” said Dr. Oumar Keïta, commenting on the political and security situation in the country.

Dr. Oumar Keïta, national president of the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (Pacp), no less deputy mayor of the rural commune of Baguinéda-Camp, during an interview he gave us on the political and security situation country’s current, did not go with the back of the spoon. For him, the team that leads Mali deserves the support of every citizen. It is about the survival of the country and even of ECOWAS, as well as the French-speaking countries of Africa. So he asks everyone to come together like the fingers of one hand so that Mali can emerge from this abyss. Then come the political struggles. For now, these authorities are on the right track and they deserve everyone’s support.

On the life of his party, he will say that the Pacp is doing very well more than it has ever been. In his words, the Pacp is a party of action, and to date their actions are bearing fruit more. “Last I heard, the party was at 48 schools, but today we have reached fifty schools built inside the country. No one is unaware that the development of a nation goes through that of its education,” he said. According to him, the schools they are building are public schools and it is to allow this deprived segment of the population to flourish, that it manages to have education at its disposal. Moreover, within the party, he adds that there have been memberships of very important politicians whom he cannot name by name so as not to offend. Both nationally and internationally and locally (in the commune of Baguinéda where his party is doing wonderfully).

“What we want the most is the organization of the elections. We want them to arrive very quickly. The Pacp being an ambitious party will participate in all the upcoming elections. The party’s support for the authorities of the transition is beyond doubt. The Pacp is 100% with the transition,” he recalled.

Speaking of the new electoral law, Barou hopes that the people they have trusted to lead the National Transitional Council (CNT) will take decisions that will support the development and development of the Malian people. “To date, compared to our judgment within the Pacp, all the decisions they have taken at the CNT are honourable. We support them! The changes they want to make to the new electoral law are good. I hope that will ensure that in Mali, the elections are less and less rigged. In the past, elections were masquerades, ”he regretted.

However, still in relation to the new electoral law, he invited the members of the CNT, despite the changes made to the procedure, to see also at the level of the choices of the men by putting a scale. This law must also allow us to have the right men in the right place.

“A scale for the elections, if only a minimum level of education, especially at the level of the National Assembly and the town halls (the deputies and the mayors). I am not talking about municipal councilors, but the choice of mayors, ”he wished.

For him, this will make it possible to clean up and limit the blunders that are made in the management of certain authorities in the country.

On the 24-month period that the transitional authorities have proposed, with a serene air, he finds it reasonable. According to him, this time is necessary and amply sufficient to allow credible and transparent elections throughout the territory. “Mali is fighting for its survival and with these illegal and illegitimate sanctions, it does not help it at all. ECOWAS must understand that we have no interest in organizing botched elections to allow people who will still bring us back into the abyss. Let them give time to the President of the Transition, the government and the CNT to clean up the administration, so that after the elections, the country is entrusted to someone who will lead it in peace…”, a- he advised.

He asked the authorities of the transition to maintain this position and to do everything possible so that they have a timetable, an electoral law in order to allow credible and transparent elections for a better Mali.

“The strength of a country is its institutions. And in Mali, they have to make sure that all the institutions are strong and that they work reasonably. We support the transition over the 24 months”, he underlined.

For the organization of the elections, he will say that this team has proven itself and continues to do so. So, for the Pacp, there is no need for a government of technocrats or a large government.

“I am sure and certain that this government team, especially with the minister who is at the level of the Territorial Administration, these elections will be beautiful and well organized. They will be the most applauded, the most successful in Mali. Let people focus on what they have to do. I am convinced that this team is able to take Mali where people do not expect, “he insisted.

On Mali’s withdrawal from the G5 Sahel, he will say that it was time for Mali to withdraw from this organization. “You are in a group and we do everything against you, you are not even concerted in relation to the decisions they make. They made a very good decision. Every day, our soldiers are growing in power against the forces of evil. We all have an interest in supporting them so that together we can meet these challenges. They fight for the nation, for the citizens, and it is in them that we trust. They are the pride of the sub-region,” he suggested.

Moussa Sekou Diaby

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