In a scene that will begin to be seen more often, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, began to tour the neighborhoods, just when Kirchnerism strongly criticized him for being closer to the business sectors than to the social ones. The debut of his tour of the territory began in the Don Orione neighborhood, from Claypole, where he visited an ex-prisoner cooperative that produces plastic bags. He traveled to that place together with the Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, and hand in hand with leaders of the Evita Movement, including Daniel Menéndez, who is also an official of the social portfolio.

Before that meeting, the Minister of Economy met with the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti. They already came in a dynamic of previous talks and, as they confided to this newspaper from both sectors, it was a talk to review the current measures without delving into new alternatives. But they did stay in more frequent periodic meetings, with the objective set being a kind of more direct collaboration and interaction in order to put the inflationary scenario in order.

In the neighborhood

During the visit to the neighborhood, together with the Secretary of Social Economy, Emilio Pérsico, and the Undersecretary of Integration and Training Policies of the Ministry of Social Development and National Coordinator of Standing Neighborhoods, Daniel Menéndez, the ministers toured the Bag Production Center of Recycled Material, which brings together six recycling cooperatives and generates 20 direct jobs and 175 indirect jobs.

During the activity, Guzmán and Zabaleta spoke with the president of FUNCAT, Martín Villalba, and with the representatives of the cooperatives, who informed the officials about the work carried out on the property. “What we are looking for is to strengthen the construction of a future in which the popular economy plays an important role,” said Guzmán, while emphasizing the public policies implemented by the national government so that there is more production and employment in the country. with more value.

Likewise, the minister referred to the Regime for the Promotion of the Popular Economy, in which the Ministries of Economy and Social Development are working. The project aims to value employment in the sector by facilitating the formalization of workers, and that these actors also have access to credit. “The other has to do with the idea that the State buy popular; that there be a greater valorization of what is produced in the popular economy”, added Guzmán. Before the representatives of the popular economy, the official also referred to the importance of the State guaranteeing access to credit for the sector to “level and generate conditions” of greater equity.

Finally, the head of Economy remarked that “it is very important to work as a team to be able to build a future”. “After all, we all want the same thing; the goals we aim at are the same. Sometimes we have differences in how to reach those objectives, but we always have to remember that the conflict of interest goes elsewhere. Count on us as teammates,” he concluded.

For his part, Zabaleta expressed that “we are a political force that came to transform the lives of Argentines, with more or less tension, but it is with Alberto, it is with Cristina, it is with Sergio, it is with the workers. , it is with all of us that we are here without any type of doubt”. Likewise, the minister asked “to pay attention when some begin to talk about labor reforms, about pension reforms.”

extraordinary income

Menendez, for his part, warned that “we are going to collect signatures to move forward with the unexpected income project.” The leader assured that “we dialogued with the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Social Development, valuing that they come to know the problem of excluded workers. We are very clear that Alberto Fernández’s call has to do with turning the page on the social plans as a response to exclusion policies and support it from a productive policy”.

Likewise, he stressed that “we must move forward with proposals, the government has to resume a debate around the unexpected rent and from this weekend we are going to start a campaign of a meeting of signatures to carry out the project. We appreciate what the government did today Minister, it comes from the hand of a set of measures that were proposed to you and has to do with strengthening the popular economy. We have just staged a massive mobilization on May 1, it shows an important muscle of a social force that supports the government, there is to move on the street”


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