News 18: In China, a pickled frog jumped out of a plate and scared a restaurant customer

A headless frog jumped out of a plate and scared a customer at a restaurant in the Chinese city of Chengdu, Sichuan province. It is reported by News 18.

A customer of the restaurant ordered a local delicacy: a bullfrog marinated in chili oil and peppercorns. When a plate with a dish was brought to him, a frog suddenly jumped out of it onto the table, its skin was torn off.

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The incident was caught on video. The recording shows how the frog lying on the plate twitches and moves its paw. Her movements then speed up and she jumps out of the plate in an attempt to escape. The pickled amphibian then lands on the table and continues to stir.

The post went viral on social media and disgusted many users. Some of them have stated that they will no longer eat meat and become vegan. One user joked that the restaurant serves fresh food to customers. Another called the frog a “zombie” and vowed never to eat anything like that. A third was touched by the frog’s failed escape attempt and stated that he could feel her pain even through the video.

Earlier, a Polish electrician filmed a frog attempting to escape from a snake’s mouth. The man noted that the amphibian tried to escape in various ways: the frog twitched and swelled in the hope that the snake could not hold it in its mouth, and flexed its leg to make it harder for the reptile to swallow it.


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