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The 3×3 World Tour gets underway this weekend, with the first moto of the season taking place in Utsunomiya (Japan). Team Antwerp, the number 2 in the world, will defend the Belgian honour. We follow their performance on this page.


  1. 09:00 19. Team Antwerp misses final after losing to number 1. In the semi-final between numbers 1 and 2, the top seed from Serbia, Ub, took the longest. Antwerp participated well, but after a few minutes it became clear that the Belgians were missing a substitute. He was unable to travel with corona in the nick of time. Antwerp could again count on a very strong Vervoort, who threw in one after the other two-pointer. Antwerp thus remained close to Ub. At 9-13 behind, Vervoort converted 2 free throws and hit another two-pointer: 13-14. The Belgian tank slowly emptied, Vervoort missed 2 free throws for 15-15, after which “Maestro” got the Serbian sheep on dry land at Ub. At 14-19, a great two-pointer by Vervoort provided a glimmer of hope, but a block and dunk further on, the Serbian booty was in: 17-21. Ub plays the final against the Americans from Princeton. †
  2. 08h15. Number 2 Antwerp works its way to semi-finals against number 1. Team Antwerp has qualified for the semi-finals in after a hard-fought 16-12 win against Riga. It was a physically tough battle between 2 teams without a substitute. Riga, a bit of the Belgians’ fear gegner at crucial moments last year, tried to make the difference from behind the two-point line, but the finish was below par. Team Antwerp, the second seed, also found it difficult to score due to the tight defense of the Latvians, the 4th seed, although the balls did go in at the important moments. Vervoort was again outstanding with 9 points, including 4 two-pointers, and in the final phase Bogaerts also threw a crucial two-pointer through the ring. Riga was unable to close the four-point gap. So semi-finals for Team Antwerp, which will soon be fighting the Serbian Ub – the number 1 in the world – at 9 a.m. Belgian time, with the aim of a place in the final. Ub beats seed 3 Liman in a Serbian meeting with 19-17. You can watch the Belgian semifinals livestream above. †
  3. 15-05-2022.
  4. 13 hours . Team Antwerp meets Team Riga. Team Antwerp (FIBA-2) will meet Team Riga (FIBA-4) tomorrow at 7am Belgian time in the quarterfinals. At Riga play 2 players who gave Latvia gold at the Olympic Games last year. Perhaps taken for Antwerp: the Latvians are also only three in Utsunomiya. In terms of fatigue, it will therefore already be an equal battle. The winner of Antwerp-Riga will compete against a Serbian team: Ub (FIBA-1) or Liman (FIBA-3). †
  5. 10 hours . Quarterfinals Sunday at 7am. As the winner of Group B, Antwerp will play the quarterfinals against the second of Group D, which will normally be Riga (Let) or Amsterdam (Ned). The party is tomorrow morning at 7am. †
  6. 09h55. It is very hard to play with only 3 players. After 2 minutes you already look at the bank to change, but no one is there. It is a matter of being mentally strong, we are proud that we can bring this. Last year we couldn’t win a World Tour tournament, we’d like to prove here that we can. Thibaut Vervoort.
  7. 09h47. Two out of two and quarterfinals for Belgians. Team Antwerp has qualified for the quarterfinals without any problems. After the win against Vienna (21-18) in game 1, a smooth win against Jeddah followed: 21-15. The top 2 in the group with 3 (Antwerp, Vienna, Jeddah) push through, the Belgians are group winners. Antwerp made the first run, trailing 1-2, but that was the only deficit in the game. From 4-4, the Belgians ran away to 10-5. Thanks to an excellent Vervoort, who again scored 4 two-pointers, one à a Luka Doncic, the gap even became 8 points (18-10). The Belgians did not need the entire playing time of 10 minutes. At 1’30” from the end of the 10 minutes of playing time, the game was over (played until 21): 21-15. Thibaut Vervoort can present impressive figures: after 2 duels he has an average of 10 points: 9 against Vienna, 11 against Jeddah Nick Celis has 8 points and 7. The third player of the team is Raf Bogaerts. Striking: Antwerp is in Japan with only 3 players and can therefore not change. Caspar Augustijnen tested positive just before the departure on corona.  .
  8. 08h31. Team Antwerp starts first World Tour round with a win. Team Antwerp has won its first game of the first World Tour tournament of the season. The Belgians beat Vienna in their 1st group match: 21-18. It was an even duel, in which Vienna was in command early, also because Antwerp was sloppy in the finish. Once Vervoort and Celis got up to speed, the Antwerp players went up and over their opponent. Celis (8 points) was unstoppable under the ring and Vervoort (9 points) found his long shot halfway through the game. Team Antwerp, without exchange options after Caspar Augustijnen’s positive corona test just before departure, made a small gap and did not relinquish that. Vervoort decided the match with his 4th two-pointer. At 9.20 am the Belgians have to start again, then Jeddah (SAr) is the opponent. †
  9. 14-05-2022.
  10. 3 pm 07. Team Antwerp is only three. The first World Tour round of the season has not started well for Team Antwerp. The number 2 in the world has traveled to Japan with only 3 players. Caspar Augustijnen, who would make his debut in the professional circuit, had to stay in Belgium as a last resort. The team announced this on Instagram on Thursday. The withdrawal of Augustijnen is a big damper for Team Antwerp, which has no substitution options in Utsunomiya and that is a firm damper in the physically grueling 3×3 basketball. Team Antwerp has now traveled to Japan with Nick Celis, Thibaut Vervoort and Raf Bogaerts. The trio also participated in the Olympic Games last season. In Utsunomiya, the team will face Vienna and Jeddah in the group stage on Saturday morning in Belgium. The top 2 advance to the quarter-finals. †
  11. 14 hours 56.
  12. 12-05-2022.


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