Can has set out to teach young women “feminist mathematics,” a course in which they explain, through the rules of three that the Government of which they are a part has banished sexual consent from the Primary curriculum.

The purple party has shared a video on its social networks in which the statement “Feminist Mates” appears on a blackboard and below a rule of three in which the statement “if I say yes” can be read is equal to “it is consented” and below the statement “if I don’t say yes” followed by an X.

To clear the X, the video announcer explains that you have to do a “simple” rule of three. A mathematical operation that, however, many children will not find so simple from next year, when the Executive formed by PSOE and Podemos it will introduce the new school curricula in which the explicit mention of the teaching of the rules of three in the subject of mathematics has disappeared.

However, from the purple formation they continue to teach their “feminist mathematics” in which, instead of real operations with numbers, they teach sexual consent. In this way, in the aforementioned video the girl who is doing the supposed operation multiply “If I don’t say yes” to “it is consented” and divide between “if I say yes”. A “problem” that solves in such a way that the X is equal to “is not allowed”.

The official Podemos account on the social network tik tok, the favorite of teenagers and in which the party has more than 246,000 followers, accompanies this video of «feminist dunks» with the message: «In today’s lesson: consent” and a series of hashtags like #feminism, #girlpower, #consent, #feminists, #sorority and #patriarchy.

In the controversial law promulgated by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, known as ‘only if it is yes’, sexual consent acquires a new definition. “It will only be understood that there is consent when it has been freely expressed through acts that, in view of the circumstances of the case, clearly express the will of the person,” says the rule, which is in its parliamentary process.

Consent must always be positive. The Ministry of Equality defends that this formula is in line with the definition given by the Istanbul Convention in its article 36.2. Of course, it creates many legal doubts. How is it established what is consent and what is not? The controversy is served.


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