Why you should get vaccinated against the flu: specialists speak

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health issued an alert in several provinces of our country due to the circulation of various strains H3N2, or what is known as the virus of the influenza. From the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine (AAMR) They recommend vaccination as a preventive measure and ensure that it is compatible with the covid vaccine.


The pulmonologist and member of the AAMR Paula Aruj explained that the circulation of influenza was advanced this year for two reasons. On the one hand, efforts in vaccination campaigns decreased in these two and a half years of the pandemic, since all energies were focused on immunization against covid. Aruj detailed that People who usually got vaccinated year after year against the flu discontinued their schedules due to the appearance of covid-19.

The other reason refers to the call herd immunity either herd Immunity, which was affected by drop in inoculation mentioned above, but also because of the lack of social contact due to quarantine.

In dialogue with Noon 750the pulmonologist explained that the vaccine is the most effective way to prevent this seasonal fluWhat is it coexisting with covidgiven that the picture can become more complex: “The World Health Organization warns about annual flu epidemics that cause 3 to 5 million serious cases and 300,000 to 600,000 deaths worldwide”, he detailed.

When asked about the need to renew the reinforcements year after year, the member of the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine He argued that, like covid, Influenza is a virus with a great capacity for mutation.so the content of the dose varies according to the specificity of the strains: “In addition, there is a drop in immunity, the vaccine does not leave an immunological memory and that is why it is necessary to be vaccinated every year”, he explained.

Aruch assured that flu immunization is absolutely compatible with the covid vaccine and that, in fact, there are posts where you can access both. Along the same lines, he explained that all people older than 6 months can access immunization And it’s not just for risk groups. However, he stressed the importance of over 65 years old, 6-month-old babies, pregnant women, people with previous pathologies such as diabetes or immunodeficiencies and strategic personnel access the vaccine.


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