The Renga in La Plata: "And throughout Argentina, the carnival begins"

It is very easy to distinguish if that crowd that we see moving through the streets, routes, bondis and trains is going to see La Renga: At any moment, there will invariably be a sing-song requesting the band to “go ahead with eggs.” It will be enough for one to sing it for the rest to fold… “and throughout Argentina the carnival begins”. There is no other identification like it.

It is not known precisely at what time that psalm was built and installed, and if it is before or after the self-denomination of “the same as always”. Probably both concepts are contemporary, and now. Whatever, the group helped posterize it when they included the shot at the end of dancing on one legthe live recorded at Obras in June 1995 to compensate for the limited audio of dodging puddles Y where life takes metheir first albums.

Password and diatribe at the same time, the popular song also remembers Walter Bulacio, killed by the police during a Los Redondos show in 1991also in Obras, an absolute break in the relationship between rock culture and the State (in this case, represented by its repressive forces). The trova asks for rock and roll and a joint to smoke. And it establishes the angular condition of all that exordium: “A flag that says Che Guevara”. Thus, it remained unchanged until these recent weekends, as soundtrack in the vicinity of the Single Stadium of La Plata.

► Black Saturdays

La Renga planned a trilogy of one week that was extended to two because, in the middle, Chizzo fell with a feverish picture and forced to reorder calendars. Thus, what was initially going to be Saturday the 23rd, Wednesday the 27th and Saturday the 30th became a Saturday saga when Wednesday, canceled, was recomposed on May 7.

Thus the things, that fortnight in which this authentic take on La Plata (with the city divided between the benefited trade with tens of thousands buying and consuming in the shops, and as many shitting and pissing on the sidewalks) he left songs and passions, smells and colors, epics and controversies, all wrapped in the mantle of those badges hung along the long boulevard of Calle 32 beyond the tasks in a stadium that does not even have the name of Único (for some it is City of La Plata, for others it is Diego Armando Maradona).

The capital of Buenos Aires was scrutinized by the effigy of beard, beret and a star on the forehead, just as it symbolically planted a huge rag of Solano on 32 and 19, the central corner of the previous limps in every platense banquet.

ever the Chizzo Nápoli vivisected in an old fanzine all the appeal generated by the image and figure of Chehis life and work transferred in time to the present: “For me he was a brave guy who, within the human possibilities that a man may have, chose that one. And I found it amazing. I really liked his story since he started from Córdoba on a motorcycle and made all that trip through Latin America when he was just a medical student.“.

Coincidentally (or not), it was in that same province where, at the end of February, La Renga returned to the fold after three yearsat the beginning of a tour that has already accumulated seven full stadiums in five provinces (there will be eight in six when Corrientes is added at the end of May) and whose distances, in addition, were shortened by the musicians and their inner circle on motorcycles.

“Regardless of whether he was a communist, For me, Che was the last warrior of the 20th century; and also the last romantic, because he had all that rebellion that led him to go above any political position. What’s more: the same party for which he gave his life was the one that abandoned him in the Bolivian jungle. It is an image and a spirit of freedom that everyone can interpret as they want.Chizzo claimed.

“I understand that for many what he did was aberrational, but he channeled it that way. I imagine him like those great warriors that existed in other civilizations, where they fought face to face on the battlefield. That is to say: nothing to be seeing how to make the bed to one or shit to another, but to go straight ahead“. A whole declaration of principles that can be read as if it were said today, also updated at the moment that the band decides to replenish its repertoire the rebel. “I am not convinced by any type of politics, neither the democrat nor the fascist”, Chizzo guesses again months after Javier Milei tried to set up his circus around the lion of panic show.

► Silver comes and goes

Between the ritual and the negotiations, the gang and their command had to be very precise with the tokens they moved in order to return to La Plata after eleven years. Gone is the frustrated attempt of 2016, which added to the prohibition of the show planned for Mar del Plata in 2018 now completes a triptych in the failed stopover in Neuquén, rescheduled at the last minute in Río Negro to avoid another forced cancellation. La Renga could tell her story only through the ucronías of the concerts organized and finally prohibited, a rope that remains taut even as the years go by.

But while the group pushes the conflicts from the outside, it must also act suddenly to put the internal ones in order. From Nápoli asking his followers “please, don’t pee on the sidewalks” to taking to the microphone a claim that had never been heard in shows of this magnitude: to stop groping and abusing girls in concert situations. A drama that, until now, remained invisible within the ritual.

The initiative began precisely in these banquets from the Platense collective “Step back, don’t touch me” (as the lyrics say iceblood, song from the album “Dream Detonator”). The claims escalated after the first two recitals, then Chizzo made it public averaging the third, perhaps looking for a new tune in times where rock is no longer discussed as a political fact, but (in any case) what will be the frequency on which it seeks to modulate.


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