Schoolbags for girls: 11 school backpacks for your child

When looking for school bags for girls, it’s easy to lose track. We have selected 11 models that not only look good, but also do not harm the children.

Are you about to start school or switch to a secondary school? Then your child will definitely be happy about a new school bag. However, the selection is now so large that you can quickly be overwhelmed, because there are so many schoolbags for girls. And it doesn’t always have to be the pink backpack with Anna and Elsa as an appliqué – spaceships and dinosaurs can also decorate the satchel, which doesn’t exactly mean that the selection is smaller. We have selected the best models and will show you the test winner according to Stiftung Warentest right from the start.

Test winner according to Stiftung Warentest from Ergobag

What is important for the perfect school bag for the start of school? It should not weigh too much, offer enough space, be ergonomic and ideally also have a few reflectors – a great advantage on dark winter days. According to Stiftung Warentest, the test winner also has these properties: The Cubo Neo Raybear by Ergobag. With an empty weight of 1.3 kilograms, it is one of the standards and, with its stability, ensures good carrying comfort. In addition, the model is waterproof and contains no harmful substances.

Details on the Cubo Neo Radiant Bear

Weight: 1.3 kilograms

Volume: 11-20 liters

Price: 259 euros

Accessories: satchels, sports bags, pencil cases, pencil cases, neck pouches, Velcro sets

Reflectors: yes

School bags for girls over 200 euros

Cubo Light by Ergobag

Today’s school satchels are far better equipped than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Of the Cubo Light by Ergobag In addition to reflectors, it also has a lap belt, for example, so that carrying the backpack and its sometimes heavy contents is more ergonomic. This protects your child’s back and does not put as much strain on it. Another plus point, in addition to an empty weight of just 780 grams, is that the satchel is waterproof.

Weight: 780 grams

Volume: 11-20 liters

Price: Original price of 247.82 euros – varies depending on the model

Accessories: satchel, sports bag, pencil case, pencil case, 5 Kletties

Reflectors: yes

Step by step satchels

Even in elementary school, children have to lug around a lot of materials. So it’s worth investing in a satchel that offers enough space, like the one from step-by-step the case is. With a volume of 20 liters, all books, pencil cases and notepads have enough space in the backpack. There are also reflectors here and your child can change the design depending on their mood or age, because the Magic Mags provide different motifs to transform.

Weight: 1.25 kilograms

Volume: 20 liters

Price: 239.57 euros

Accessories: satchel, sports bag, pencil case, pencil case, 2 applicators, 1 tag

Reflectors: yes

Timeless Air+ by School Mood

With the Timeless Air+ by School Mood you and your child have a total of 14 different designs to choose from. All models have three colorful patches that change the look of the satchel and reflectors so that your child is always easily recognizable. The backpack is also equipped with an innovative carrying system that has an adjustable and padded chest and lap belt and even offers breathable and ergonomically shaped back padding. Another advantage is the idea of ​​sustainability in this satchel, because the textiles come from recycled PET bottles and coffee grounds.

Weight: 980 grams

Volume: 23 liters

Price: 249.95 euros

Accessories: satchel, sports bag, pencil case, pencil case, 3 patches, lunch box

Reflectors: yes

Schoolbags for girls under 200€

Ergo Primero by McNeill

The satchel set Ergo Primero by McNeill also has many advantages. On the one hand, the back padding is also breathable, which is particularly good for the warmer months. On the other hand, the snap lock offers particularly easy handling. With a weight of almost one kilo, the model is one of the lighter ones and with the lap belt it offers enough stability if the backpack gets a little heavier due to the books.

Weight: 1 kilogram

Volume: 11-20 liters

Price: original price of 259.99 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: satchels, sports bags, pencil cases, pencil cases

Reflectors: yes

Casual school set

With the Casual school set your child is well equipped for the start of school life, because the set not only offers other accessories in addition to the satchel, but is also waterproof and well padded, so that it is more comfortable to carry. The reflectors on the sides and front ensure that your child is always clearly visible to other road users. Creativity is not neglected with this satchel either, because your child can redesign his satchel with the three textile stickers supplied.

Weight: 1 kilogram

Volume: 15 liters

Price: original price of 209.95 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: satchel, sports bag, pencil case, pencil case, breast pocket

Reflectors: yes

UltraLight Plus from Herlitz

Of the UltraLight Plus from Herlitz impresses above all with its low curb weight of 750 grams – making it one of the lightest models! The back padding is also breathable and ergonomic, the shoulder and chest straps are adjustable and the base plate offers sufficient stability. The reflective materials are in the buckle, on the shoulder straps and in the front and side areas. With a volume of 15 liters, the satchel offers less space in comparison, but it is absolutely sufficient for a primary school child.

Weight: 750 grams

Volume: 15 liters

Price: original price of 89 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: satchel, sports bag, pencil case, pencil case, 2 applications

Reflectors: yes

School bag with wheels

Samsonite Color Funtime – for primary school children

Sometimes a satchel can just become too heavy to carry, especially if the child has a long walk home. That’s why some resort to a satchel with wheels like this one Color Funtime by Samsonite, which your child can easily use like a small suitcase. Therefore, the weight here is also two kilograms. In addition to reflectors on the front pocket and on the straps, the rolling backpack also has kick protection. The high-quality melange fabric provides additional padding when your child is carrying the satchel on their shoulders.

Weight: 2 kilograms

Volume: 26 liters

Price: original price of 109 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: school backpack with wheels

Reflectors: yes

Samsonite Guardit 2.0 – for older children

The older the children get and the tasks increase, the more books are transported. A rolling backpack is therefore also useful for older children in higher classes. Of the Samsonite Guardit 2.0 is simple in design, but can also be used far beyond school. Electronic devices such as laptops or tablets also have space in the backpack with a volume of 29 liters.

Weight: 2.2 kilograms

Volume: 29 liters

Price: original price of 139 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: backpack with wheels

Reflectors: no

School backpacks for older children

Satch school backpack

The carrying system for mountaineering was Satch school backpack also taken over, so that the weight is not only on the shoulders, but is shifted to the pelvic area. The model can be used with body heights between 1.40 meters and 1.80 meters and thus grows with the child. 25 PET bottles were used for the production, which also makes the backpack sustainable.

Weight: 1.2 kilograms

Volume: 31-40 liters

Price: Original price of 204 euros

Accessories: backpack

Reflectors: yes

Gogo Urban backpack from Deuter

The stepless chest strap helps with Gogo Urban backpack from Deuter also when shifting weight and thus relieves the shoulder area. The airstripes in the back area also ensure easy ventilation, so that your child does not sweat so quickly in summer. A big plus is the weight of the backpack, which is just 600 grams. Folders and books also find enough space in the 25-liter backpack.

Weight: 600 grams

Volume: 25 liters

Price: original price of 55 euros, currently reduced

Accessories: backpack

Reflectors: no

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