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When Jacobo Gonzalez-Robatto he put on his suspenders, his beret hat, a shearling-lined jacket, and unbuttoned the last three buttons of his blue denim shirt. He didn’t expect to become the rock stars which has arrived.

It was the elections in Castilla y León, and the Vox Senate spokesman appeared along with two other people. To his left was the party’s candidate to preside over the Autonomous Courts, and at the other end of the image was the party’s national president, Santiago Abascal. Unintentionally, he put a face to one of the most important gears of the far-right party. The ‘peaky blinder’ was born.

The image caused a stir on social networks. It went viral without even trying. The memes and the comparisons with the famous series did not take long to fall. For those less knowledgeable in Robatto politics, Coco, as he is known in his circle, was a complete unknown. The appearance of him more than similar to that of Abascal was one of the few references that the general public had. However, his plumbing work was essential for his boss, Macarena Olonamanaged to win a seat for Granada in the 2019 elections.

Now Olona, ​​a Vox candidate for the Andalusian elections on June 19, has once again trusted him as coordinator of her campaign. “Campaign after campaign, we have toured Spain together. Today I thank you for agreeing to walk by my side as coordinator of my campaign team,” she wrote on Twitter. She is his swordsman, a kind of squire for election appointments.

Perhaps Jacobo’s name is still unknown, but his surname is not. He is the son of Jacobo Gonzalez-Robatto Fernandez, a senior executive who held senior positions at Banco Popular and at Nueva Pescanova. The his mother, Maria Pilar Perote Mendizabal She is vice-president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). She previously spent years at the company Laboratorios Landerlan and Allianz Search.

His father, from whom he inherits for now only the name, was also CEO of Barclays Spain between 2000 and 2007. Later, he held the position of president of the Cortefiel Group.

To politics by chance

Robato came to politics by chance and thanks to love Born in Madrid, he studied at the Retamar school. When he grew up and decided on his future, he opted for finances, enrolling in Business Administration and Management from CUNEF and a Full Time MBA from IESE in the class of 2017. Shortly after, love made him move to Seville with his wife, influencer Rocío Osorno.

With the move, he sought to be closer to two of his passions: his first-born Jacobo, who is now three years old, and Luis, who borders on both. In the Andalusian capital he met Santiago Abascal, who convinced him to join Vox and who quickly became his ideological and political beacon.

The signing occurred when Vox gave the bell in the Andalusian elections in 2018: the formation took out 12 deputies. The 12 of Vox, were surnamed. Robatto signed as Economic Secretary of the parliamentary group. It was the first time that he crossed the door of a hemicycle as a politician.

González-Robatto and Abascal in the Hemicycle of the Congress of Deputies.


From that moment the party lives its golden years. Since Abascal founded it at the end of 2013 and gave rallies on top of a box with a megaphone Until now, Vox has not stopped improving its results, still far from knowing its electoral ground. The 12 from Andalusia were followed by the 52 from the Congress of Deputies and the 13 from Castilla y León. The latter, although not so surprising in number, have been decisive in forming a government in the community, the first where Vox has enterednothing less than a vice presidency.

And Coco Robatto has always been there. In the shadows, working in silence, helping the party in whatever was necessary for a cause that he considers necessary. But he has not done it for nothing. As a financial advisor in Andalusia, he pocketed a salary of 27,779.25 euros, according to his declaration of assets and income as published by EL ESPAÑOL.

Apart from the almost 28,000 euros he earned working in the early years at Vox, declared having 150,000 euros in their current accounts, 33% of the capital of the company Zhoes by Zattanco (of which he is still a partner today) and a stake in a SICAV of 29,129.62 euros. The senator for Andalusia also owes the bank: in 2019 he signed the mortgage on his habitual residence in Seville, which was granted to him for 296,000 euros, 50% with his already ex-wife.

And it is that the happy couple separated at the end of 2020. Both they have not stopped having contact during this time. To the point that Osorno came to publish several photos together. It was February of this year and they were taken in the Plaza de la Independencia, in Madrid. The influencer accompanied a snapshot of Jacobo from behind accompanied by the phrase “my date today”.

Quickly the rumor mill of the pink press was launched and the bells of reconciliation jumped to the wing. But Osorno was quick to remove and she uploaded another image that she accompanied by making things clear: “don’t get excitedI get along with everyone”.

Rugby and motorcycles: his other passions

Coco Robatto has known how to move well in the Vox leadership. In addition to Olona and Abascal, it is easy to see him surrounded by other flagships such as Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros either Javier Ortega-Smith.

One of the elements that served him to get closer to those who handle internal power was rugby, of which he is a great lover. And he was not bad at it, since he even got to play in the Honor Division, his comrades on the bench and locker room say. In Vox there are not a few who are passionate about oval sport: in addition to Espinosa de los Monteros, there are also Rafael Lomana either Victor Sanchez of Real.

At present they do not play sports, but they do meet up to watch a match from time to time, like when they went to watch the Spain in the European 2020 rugby against Georgia. Espinosa de los Monteros himself states, whenever he is asked, that for him this practice is similar to politics: “In rugby, as in public service, as in life, one is at the service of the cause, doing what can be done with the talents and shortcomings of each one”.

From left to right: Coco Robatto, Carlos Fernández-Roca, Víctor Sánchez del Real and Rafa Lomana.  Vox parliamentarians went to watch Spain's match in the 2020 rugby European Championship against Georgia.

From left to right: Coco Robatto, Carlos Fernández-Roca, Víctor Sánchez del Real and Rafa Lomana. Vox parliamentarians went to watch Spain’s match in the 2020 rugby European Championship against Georgia.

Coco’s latest passion is motorcycles. On her instagram it is easy to find photos riding his Modified Harley Davidson 103. Military green in color, it is decorated with a semi-open serrated jaw on the front and a burgundy cross on the back, a traditional Spanish element with which the party is identified and which is also worn on its helmet.

The complicity and friendship with Abascal is such that the first time that the leader of Vox left his motorcycle (a BMW of more than 25,000 euros) on social networks, he appeared with two companions: the deputy Mireia Borras, who drives an Italian-made Moto Guzzi, and with Coco himself. In recent weeks, Robatto has oiled his machine to travel the Andalusian roads to, once again, lead his boss Olona to victory. This time towards San Telmo.


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