NASA robot captures a "door" mysterious on mars

Mars, the red planet continues to surprise the scientific community, because recently, Curiosity, the Rover NASA explorer who has been circulating over the Martian territory for several years found a somewhat mysterious figure.

The enigmatic image was sent to Earth and is what appears to be a door, or a tunnel through a rock mass. Although this formation was created by the same conditions on Mars, users on social networks and forums have started a debate about the possibility that the opening has been carved by intelligent life due to the symmetry that it presents on its sides.

Despite the controversy that was created in social networks by the image “Sun 3466: Mast Camera (Mastcam)“, geologists suggest that this opening naturally formed due to intensa geological activity that presents Mars. What would have caused a shear fracture due to the stress produced on the rock that ended up fracturing.

This controversy joins the one that arose a few months ago, but on our natural satellite the Moon where the Chinese expedition robot Yutu-2 discovered an object that assimilated a cube and was named by the China National Space Administration as “Cabin Mysterious”.

The restlessness to know that it was that object captured by Yutu-2 in the distance led the scientists to direct their robot to the formation discovering what they supposed.

NASA robot captures a mysterious “door” on Mars

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Well, after months of walking, they discovered that it was not a cube, much less a “mysterious cabin”, but an ordinary rock located on the edge of a crater.


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