Markus Lanz: Psychiatrist warns of Putin – detonation of the atomic bomb is a “personal decision”

Markus Lanz: Psychiatrist warns of Putin – detonation of the atomic bomb is a “personal decision”

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at Markus Lanz On Thursday evening (May 11) the focus was again on the Ukraine war – but this time it was less about military strategies or arms deliveries and more about psychological aspects.

Psychiatrist Manfred Lütz gave an insight into Vladimir Putin’s psyche – and explained why the inner workings of the Kremlin chief played an important role in the course of the war.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Criticism of the federal government – ​​”We’re fed up”

In the debate at Markus Lanz it was initially about Germany’s misconduct in relation to the Ukraine war. The communication from the federal government, through which Putin was always informed about the sanctions he should or should not expect, was criticized, journalist Helene Bubrowski said angrily. “Now we’re saying: ‘Well, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about, Vladimir Putin, we’re definitely not going to set up a no-fly zone, we won’t do this and that, because we’re fed up’ to do it to put it bluntly.”


The guests at Markus Lanz on May 11th:

  • Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP)
  • Journalist Helene Bubrowski
  • Political scientist Gwendolyn Sasse
  • Psychiatrist Manfred Lütz


Bubrowski considers the fear of a possible attack by Russia if Germany intervenes in the war – for example with acts of war – to be paralyzing. At least under international law, Germany’s entry into the war would not justify an attack, the journalist explains. “Because the collective right to self-defense applies, that is; other states are allowed to help.” Russia would therefore be wrong to attack Germany.

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Psychiatrist and theologian Manfred Lütz finds these considerations of international law “not uninteresting”, but throws in an important point. “At the moment, it seems to me that Putin’s individual psyche is much more important than international law.” Putin wiped that off the table with the attack on Ukraine anyway. International law is so shattered by him.”

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Psychiatrist finds DAS on Putin’s psyche “extremely disturbing”

Accordingly, Lütz finds the considerations on this almost “bizarre”. Instead, he believes: “Putin’s decision to attack Germany, for example, or to detonate the atomic bomb, is a highly personal decision for which he – and that’s dangerous – can also look for any reason.” Markus Lanz interjects: “Or even none” and reaped the approval of the experts.

The psychiatrist therefore appeals to “avoid verbal provocations” and “not to conduct the relevant debates too intensively” because Putin “in his psyche has also been taken in by his own propaganda. That worries me outside of the local area.” After all, the Russian ruler actually believed that he would be welcomed by Ukraine as a saviour.


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Germany should therefore “metaphorically disarm”, for example supporting Ukraine in its sovereignty, otherwise speaking of a victory in the war. The Americans would be a good example of this, who do not provoke Putin “but step by step, just calmly deliver and let things run. And don’t talk too much.” (kv)


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