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  1. 33′ – Cont. Mohamed Salah by Diogo Jota

Today we celebrate 150 years of the Cup Final. In 1872 the first final of the oldest cup competition in the world took place, today Chelsea and Liverpool celebrate their anniversary at Wembley. Romelu Lukaku (blue) and Divock Origi (red) provide the Belgian contribution.

  1. second half, minute 61. After Kovacic lost the ball, Liverpool switched quickly. The ball arrives at Jota after a few stations. He pulls out with a crossed shot, but sees his attempt go wide. †
  2. second half, minute 53. Diaz narrowly misses! Liverpool restore the balance. Diaz unleashes his devils once more. He turns James and Kovacic into the wind and lashes out in the turn. His shot doesn’t go too far wide. †
  3. second half, minute 52. Alexander-Arnold once again shakes off a wonderful cross from his slippers. He reaches Robertson at the far post, but he can’t control the ball well. †
  4. Alonso on the crossbar. Chance number three for Chelsea after the break. A free kick diagonally in front of goal is a job for Alonso and he aims at the crossbar from a very sharp angle! Liverpool sees stars for a moment. † second half, 49th minute.
  5. Pulisic not past Alisson! The pressure from Chelsea continues. Lukaku clears the ball well for Pulisic, who takes it out with a low bang. Alisson keeps Liverpool afloat again! † second half, minute 48.
  6. second half, minute 47. Strong start from Chelsea. Liverpool started the game very strong, but now it is Chelsea that is best off the starting blocks. Pulisic puts the ball well in front of the goal and Alonso takes his chance there. His shot goes just wide. †
  7. second half, minute 46. 2nd half. Liverpool kick off the second half. Can either team crack the code now or are we on our way to extensions? †
  8. second half, minute 46 match started
  9. first half, minute 50 match over
  10. first half, minute 48. Rest. Liverpool and Chelsea go to rest with a 0-0 score. Liverpool immediately grabbed the Blues by the throat with a strong opening offensive. Especially Diaz made it difficult for Chelsea, Mendy kept him from the 0-1. Gradually Chelsea got better in the game, Alonso missed the chance to open the score. Salah was injured at Liverpool. †
  11. first half, minute 47. Lukaku at the gun. Lukaku can finally assert himself. He is launched well into the box by Pulisic and hits hard, but also over target. Peace is approaching, the 4 extra minutes are almost over. †
  12. first half, minute 45. Jota aims over. Finally some threat from Liverpool. Robertson throws the ball in front of the goal and Jota tries it in one time at the near post. His attempt passes. †
  13. first half, minute 41. Lukaku plays it badly. After Van Dijk loses the ball, the way is suddenly open for Chelsea. Mount plays Lukaku well, but he struggles with the ball for too long. Gone chance, the Red Devil should have done better here. He is currently not in the game. †
  14. first half, minute 38. Liverpool looking for good rhythm. Liverpool started as a whirlwind in this final, but in the meantime the fire has been extinguished a bit, thanks in part to the strong organization at Chelsea. Can Klopp’s team rekindle the fire in the end of the first half? †
  15. first half, minute 33. Substitution at Liverpool, Diogo Jota in, Mohamed Salah out
  16. Exit Salah. Big downer for Liverpool. Salah has to stop the fight after more than half an hour, injured. Jota is his replacement. † first half, minute 33.
  17. first half, minute 31. Problems at Salah. Alisson is ready for battle again, but now it’s Salah who sits down. Should he already put a point behind his final here? †
  18. Care for Allison. Alisson injured himself in Alonso’s attempt. The Liverpool goalkeeper needs care. Kelleher warms up. † first half, minute 30.
  19. Alonso not past Alisson! Chelsea is now growing in the game with another flawless opportunity. This time Pulisic is the declarant, he brings Alonso alone for Alisson. The Spaniard’s assumption is not great and so Alisson can parry the shot. † first half, minute 28.


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