Line Renaud reveals the heartbreaking reason why she talks very little about her father

Thursday, May 5, 2022, the book Which lives, was published by Buchet-Chastel editions. In it, Line Renaud confided in her relationship with her father to Vincent Remy and Jean-Philippe Pisanias.

If she regularly mentions her mother or her daughters in the press, Line Renaud rarely speaks of her father, Edmond Enté. In the book what livespublished by Buchet-Chastel, the star revealed: “I don’t talk about him much because as I progressed in life, I realized that he had not been a good father.In full disclosure, the former reviewer added, “He was’nt here. And the little that he was there, he came home drunk every Friday.“Raised by her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother, Line Renaud admires these women”extraordinary” and “swings.More than twenty years after her mother’s death, the star revealed:I talk to him every night, before sleeping, and I sleep more peacefully.

In September 2018, it is in the show One day, one destiny that Line Renaud had evoked her father. She then revealed:I don’t talk too much about my dad because… I don’t think he was a good dad. In my early childhood, until I was ten years old, let’s say that I have memories of a somewhat cool father, playing the piston or the trumpet in the marching band. He had to find a joke a day for the settlement.“While her father was mobilized for the war, the artist remained without news for a long time.”My mother was wasting away“, she remembered. In reality, his father was leading a double life. At the age of 12, it was on returning from school that Line Renaud learned that her father had a second family. She revealed:So there, I am told that my father has always had a double life. And that the little boy I was playing with was my half-brother.

Line Renaud: “It’s a failure”

Long estranged from her father, the star attempted a rapprochement in 1955. In March 2022, she had revealed in the show The Thousand and One Life of Line Renaud, on France 3, having invited her father to her home. Alas, things didn’t go as planned. “I went to pick him up at the Gare du Nord. I drive him to Place de l’Etoile. He was magnificently received by Loulou, but it was too much for him. For a moment, he took me aside, with his suitcase (…) and he said to me: ‘Take me back to the Gare du Nord’ and there I cried. That was how it was supposed to be, that’s a failure“, she had revealed.


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