Lawrow: "Der Westen hat Russland den totalen hybriden Krieg erklärt"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave a keynote address on the current foreign and security policy situation in Russia at a meeting with his ministerial colleagues from the other CIS member states. He spoke bluntly of a “total hybrid” war that the West was waging against Russia.

At the 30th session of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on Saturday in Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made blunt statements on Russia’s current foreign policy situation.

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Among other things, he said that the West had declared a total hybrid war on Russia. It is difficult to predict how long this war will last, but the consequences will be felt by everyone without exception.

Moscow did everything “to avoid a direct confrontation,” said the Russian foreign minister, but:

When we are challenged, we naturally accept the challenge.

Expected breach of civilization, but surprising in its totality

Western countries have jettisoned all rules and decency and are practicing all manner of hostile acts against Russia, including looting. One is surprised by this degree of civilization breach, says Lavrov:

What is surprising is the absolutely stone-age Russophobic outbreak that has taken place in all so-called civilized countries. Political correctness, decency, rules and thus also legal norms were simply thrown overboard. There is a culture of canceling everything that is Russian and all acts of hostility against our country, including open robberies, are permitted.

According to the minister, Russian cultural figures, artists, athletes, scientists, businessmen and even ordinary Russian citizens have been harassed in the West.

The anti-Russian campaign did not spare our diplomats. They often have to work in extreme conditions, sometimes risking their health and lives, but even in the darkest years of the Cold War we cannot recall such a mass expulsion of diplomats“,

said the chief diplomat. The situation in the world demands that the Russian diplomatic service be put into a special mode. Lavrov:

The situation has required the transfer of our diplomatic service to a special mode, necessitated by the new tasks of the country’s leadership to protect national interests. Of course, this disturbs the general atmosphere of relations with the West, but on the other hand, it frees up forces and human resources, especially for work in areas that really need to be linked to the future development of our country.

According to the minister, it is not only and not so much about Ukraine. “Ukraine is an instrument, a tool for curbing the peaceful development of the Russian Federation as part of a course to maintain a unipolar world order“, he said.

Lavrov said one of the most critical points of this course was NATO’s eastward expansion:

We have argued long and hard why this should not happen. We have shown where and why our red lines are. We have shown flexibility, a willingness to meet and seek compromises. All of this proved to be in vain. The President has us on that [der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin] recalled again in his May 9 speech in Red Square.”

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confrontation with Russia

The West has failed to find traitors among Russian diplomats, although such attempts have been made both inside Russia and abroad, Lavrov said. “No traitors could be found among the diplomats, although such attempts were made both from abroad and within the country“, the minister said. Lavrov stressed that Russian diplomats will continue to carry out their professional duties bona fide and in full compliance with the needs of the times.

Today, Western countries are ready to fight Russia to the “last Ukrainian”, which is a convenient position for the United States, which is “directing from across the ocean” and weakening Europe, the Russian foreign minister said:

At first glance, this is a very convenient position, especially for the US, which controls processes from across the ocean while weakening Europe by opening up its markets for its goods, technology and military and technical products. (…) Both we and the United States, China and everyone else understand that today the question will be decided whether the world order will become truly just, democratic and polycentric, or whether this small group of countries will be able to offer the international community a neo-colonial one To impose a division of the world into those who consider themselves extraordinary and others who are destined to do the will of the chosen ones.

The latter, according to Lavrov, is aimed at “the concept of a rules-based world order that has been implemented for years”.

No one has seen, discussed, or approved of these rules, but they are being imposed on the world community.”

As an example, the top diplomat cited US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s statement that the creation of a new Bretton Woods system must begin “with defining the value of liberal democracy” and that the United States would only support supply chains where… Countries are involved that “respect moral values ​​and norms of behavior”. Lavrov summarized:

In my opinion, the reference is absolutely clear. Only those who abide by these very American rules should have access to the dollar and the benefits of the international financial system in general. Anyone who does not comply will be punished.”

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