iPhones without a camera exist, and there are people willing to pay thousands of dollars for them

The cameras of the iPhone (and other mobiles) have become one of the main claims of the device. Needless to say, with the enormous size of the lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, and the rumors make it clear that the trend will continue on the iPhone 14. But there are those who are looking for just the opposite: there are those who want an iPhone without cameras.

There are places that require a total absence of cameras

What you see in the image above is not a photo montage: there is a company called NonCam that is dedicated to modifying iPhones so that they do not have cameras. Why? We could think of people who want absolute privacy, but the reality is that there are some companies and organizations that need those iPhone without cameras.

An example can be the armed forces, or the arms industry. It is not wanted that any soldier or worker could have the ability to take pictures in secret complexes. Something similar can happen with oil companies, government laboratories… I myself have visited some car factories as a press where they have forced me to place a physical block on the cameras of my iPhone. It is something usual so that data from that factory is not leaked that the competition can take advantage of.

Ironically, the process of modifying iPhones so they don’t have cameras makes these cost up to 1,500 dollars. And that’s true of older models like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. A cheaper option is to buy the conversion kit that lets you mod your phone at home for $250.

It almost makes more money to buy one that takes them and break them carefully, but of course: you have to have better guarantees that the lenses do not work. And nothing better for that than those lenses are simply not there.


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