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The two are like twins, separated at birth. At least internally. Guido and singer Ina Müller, 56, both come from the village and have a lot in common. Except for one: In contrast to Guido, Ina very, very much likes to live alone. She explains why here.

Ina Mueller: Man, Guido, now I ate cake with you again. I didn’t want that at all!

GUIDO: I always say: the main thing is that it tastes good.
Oh well. The pandemic has left me a bit lost: my spring tour was canceled again, so I just sit around and do little sport. As a countermeasure, I have now cleared out my pantry and ordered a treadmill: six weeks delivery time. Yes, sorry, it’s not my fault if I don’t do any sport…

You can go to the gym!
I always feel like I’m being watched and I have the feeling that I have to suck in my stomach and look good. That would probably be the worst!

When I used to go to the gym, I always talked way too much. I hung out at the bar checking out the protein shakes. Once, before Frank came, I even sprayed myself with water to make it look like I’d done some real work… (laughs
And how do you manage that in the relationship? Frank is a very athletic person.

Frank knows what else he has about me. But he’s just a different guy. The other day we were in London together, and while I was working, he walked 25,000 steps across the city, just had a quick coffee. I would always look: Where can I go for a nice meal here? Frank also lays down an “After Eight” and is completely satisfied with it.
So if I ever have “After Eight” in the house, I shake the pack upside down so that I don’t have to fiddle with all the paper, and then I eat them all.

Just. Can’t it be that we’re like this because we both come from big country families? You were even five sisters earlier on the farm.
Of course, when it came to eating, the motto was always: grab it. When I sometimes hear a mother say to her child: “Pascal, please eat something!” I always think: That would never have happened here!

Under no circumstance. And what I also have in the past: I like to be on my own. Are you good at being alone?
Unfortunately too good. I can already see myself in the event of death, my hand falling into emptiness. And there’s not even an old dog who licks them off anymore. But family and children were never an option for me. I also like to go to the cinema and the opera alone, or to hide away on Sylt – and I think that’s great.

But now you are with Johannes Oerding. He comes from the Lower Rhine, where people are sociable and want to live together, right?
We’re often together, but we’re both somehow married to our jobs. When we come home, we’re glad that nobody’s there to whine: “You’re never home…”

But it’s nice to have breakfast together.
Fortunately, neither of us likes to eat breakfast. I used to have a friend who used to say, “I’ll cook us something nice tonight.” I found that difficult! I couldn’t be spontaneous anymore, maybe go for a beer with a friend or eat somewhere else. As soon as someone scratches my complete freedom, everything in me contracts.

That’s why you didn’t stay in the village!
When I was two years old in the playpen, I already thought: “If you don’t leave here.” And how was it with you? A job on television was just as far away as America.

The advantage for me was that I was gay. So I already had a special role in the village. I always wanted to go out into the world and meet many people. I couldn’t join the rural youth in the village either, I never felt like a country boy. And club doesn’t work with me anyway.
It’s the same for me. I can’t even do Weight Watchers.

But you made the step onto the stage and with “Inas Nacht” your own show on television.
However, I was a total late bloomer. I got my first big record deal when I was 40, when menopause was almost upon us. But there was this moment, when I used to work in the pharmacy and when there was a tax increase, I cut off thousands of price labels and stuck new ones on, when I realized: This won’t be my last job.

But surely you also bought something great when you had money?
I bought an apartment. By the way, I still can’t believe it to this day. And I spent more money on vacations. That was no longer three stars in Spain, where the shower doesn’t work. I don’t spend that much on clothes. But I put on my most expensive dress for you, really expensive, it cost 400 euros!

suits you too Looks patent with the pockets on the chest. If there’s a fire somewhere, you’ll put it out (both laugh), but what I’ve also seen: you’re not an outfit girl who can be sponsored with clothes.
no I stick with the Swabians, according to the motto: “Pay your thing, don’t have to say thank you.” Also, haute couture almost never suits me. It just doesn’t sit well with me. It suits me cheap.

I also prefer the cheap sweets. I can’t get the fine marzipan down. But back to you: While you as a singer are more of a stage pig on stage, you are sometimes a little shy in your private life…
Yes, if everyone around me is too loud, too dressed up, I don’t feel good. Then I sometimes feel embarrassed, I’m really inhibited. When we both met for the very first time, at the train station in Altona, I felt the same way. I’ve always loved you, then I saw you there and thought: “You have to go to him now. And don’t do anything wrong!” I wanted so bad that you like me.

Oh, everyone thinks you’re great. How easy it is to talk to the guests on “Ina’s Night” and give unknown musicians a chance. An owl often comes in and opens the world singing. I have discovered a lot about you.
Everything I can do comes together in this format: I wanted a show like the “Haifischbar” with Heidi Kabel back then, small audience, chatting at the bar, lots of music. Before that I had tried conventional moderation. Quarter past eight broadcasts with: “You come out there, stand on the cross, look into camera two, go over there and tell what’s on the note here.” It works too, but I don’t enjoy it.

Did you ever get drunk on your show?
I’ve actually gotten out of there, but not often. But alcohol isn’t really an issue for you.

My body is not made for drugs, it reacts far too intensely to everything. When I eat a “Mon Chéri” I notice it. What I’m wondering right now: why have you never been to “Celebrity Shopping Queen”?
I don’t dare. I don’t want to come out of the locker room crying with too tight pants and sweat on my forehead and being filmed doing it.

Do you know anything else like fear or panic at work? I had this once during a live show that I suddenly got hot and didn’t know what was going on.
Yes, you have to breathe that away. A doctor once said to me, to whom I was on stage because of my panic attacks: “Ms. Müller, you have to give yourself some energy and not just bang out.” We always give our all at work.

And how do you manage that? Not when we have breakfast together…
No, I have to work first when I get up. I never eat before 4 p.m., but I eat anything I want until 2 a.m. I really recharge my batteries when I go cross-country skiing on the North Sea in strong winds. Sometimes I cry with happiness.

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