Eurovision 2022: Songs, lyrics and live performances

The festival of Eurovision 2022 comes to an end after much enjoyment, emotion and singing the songs of the favorite countries of the night, among which, of course, was the representative of Spain. Chanel with her ‘Slo Mo’ has made the European public vibrate, not only because of the nerves to meet what would her final look look likebut also because of her impressive choreography and also to see if the expectations (she started as the betting favourite) were fulfilled.

Laura Pausino The stage of the Pala Alpitour in Turin opened with British punctuality and, after all the participants walked with their flag, the gala began with the song of the Czech Republic. They were followed by Romania, Portugal and Finland, who have competed with one of their national emblems: the group The Rasmus. This band, formed in 1994, is one of the most famous in the country and has sold more than 5 million records, almost the same number of plays as the song ‘Jezebel’ on Spotify, with which they have participated in the contest .

Spain in Eurovision, real options to win with Chanel and ‘SloMo’? What the bets say

Zara Codeseira

Switzerland, France, Norway… and so on until completing the 25 performances that have been part of the contest of this year. Now it’s time for voting. The nerves of the artists joins that of the presenters who, one by one, will give their 12 points and thus we will be able to know, at last, who reaches the top 3 and who is crowned the winner of Eurovision 2022.

How is Chanel doing in the Eurovision voting?

Spain has started with a very good foot leading the votes of the Eurovision Song Contest and has so far received all 12 points from various countries, including Portugal, Malta and San Marino. Thus, Chanel Terrero currently occupies, behind the United Kingdom and Sweden, the third place in the voting ranking exceeding 120 points.

How can you vote in Eurovision? As reported by RTVE, the corporation in charge of broadcasting the gala in Spain, the voting system is divided into two parts: the jury (50%) and the televote (50%). Now, an important piece of information for viewers is that with televoting you cannot vote for your own country or its representative, that is, you cannot vote for Spain. However, as the presenters of the grand finale have announced, the vote is now closed, so it is no longer possible to vote for Chanel and the die is cast.

Which countries usually vote for Spain? We are not a country that starts out as one of the great valued of the night, such as, for example, Italy. In fact, last year only two countries voted for Spain’s candidacy: Bulgaria with 4 points and the United Kingdom with 2 points.

country points

Netherlands Open the season for points. Vote for:

  • Greece: 12 points
  • Switzerland: 10 points
  • Portugal: 8 points
  • Australia: 7 points
  • Belgium: 6 points
  • Spain: 5 points
  • UK 4 points
  • Norway: 3 points
  • Moldova: 2 points
  • Sweden: 1 point

San Marino vote for:

  • Spain: 12 points
  • Greece: 10 points
  • United Kingdom: 8 points
  • Azerbaijan: 7 points
  • Australia: 6 points
  • Sweden: 5 points
  • Poland: 4 points
  • Italy: 3 points
  • Ukraine: 2 points
  • Switzerland: 1 point

North Macedonia votes for:

  • Spain: 12 points
  • Serbia: 10 points
  • United Kingdom: 8 points
  • Italy: 7 points
  • Sweden: 6 points
  • Australia: 5 points
  • Azerbaijan: 4 points
  • Belgium: 3 points
  • Poland: 2 points
  • Switzerland: 1 point

Malta gives its points to:

  • Spain: 12 points
  • Sweden: 10 points
  • United Kingdom: 8 points
  • Italy: 7 points
  • Australia: 6 points
  • Estonia: 5 points
  • Poland: 4 points
  • Czech Republic: 3 points
  • Azerbaijan: 2 points
  • Greece: 1 point

Ukraine votes the following countries:

  • United Kingdom: 12 points
  • Portugal: 10 points
  • Netherlands: 8 points
  • Greece: 7 points
  • Switzerland: 6 points
  • Azerbaijan: 5 points
  • Sweden: 4 points
  • Australia: 3 points
  • Armenia: 2 points
  • Czech Republic: 1 point

Albanian Give your points to:

  • Italy: 12 points
  • United Kingdom: 10 points
  • Sweden: 8 points
  • Ukraine: 7 points
  • Netherlands: 6 points
  • Spain: 5 points
  • Armenia: 4 points
  • Azerbaijan: 3 points
  • Belgium: 2 points
  • Portugal: 1 point


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