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According to reader Peter851 prohibition is not an option: „The only solutions to the ‘problems’ in this country are: information, information and more information. The ultimate decision to do or not to do something rests with the individual.” ShelLuser agrees: “I am against bans, but there should be much more and better information in this area. Sports drinks do not provide any extra energy at all. The only thing is that it contains so much caffeine that it acts like a narcotic. You do indeed feel more energetic after drinking it, but that’s all fake.”

Biancadior is concerned about the patronizing behavior, because how far will it go? “Let everyone know this for themselves. Do you want to hang out at the Red Bull all day long, do it! You know too much is bad for you. But to restrict everything that too much is not good – and that is almost everything we eat and drink? Will you soon have a menu in the supermarket that you ‘may’ buy?”

Banning sports drinks will, according to reader Ron Michon only work in the opposite direction. “The more you ban, the more attractive it becomes,” he writes. Another reader thinks so too. “You always see that pattern. From a child who wants chocolate to adults who use drugs. As soon as it is not allowed, you prefer it.”

Own responsibility

According to many readers of De Kwestie, something is already going wrong in education if children know no boundaries when it comes to unhealthy products. AnnaB describes her residential area that she sometimes finds: “Around the many ‘hanging spots’ you see over a thousand butts and empty bags of weed on the ground. Because that is so deliciously healthy! Not unlike countless cans from the well-known brand that they claim gives you wings. In the walking forest, the park, by the lake, etc. First start with the proper upbringing of children, then they will not touch that junk on their own.”

Another reader agrees completely. “Children need to learn to set boundaries. And if they can’t do this yet, parents should educate them in this. Patronizing the government has no effect at all if the control does not come from within themselves. If they do not get this from an early age, there is a good chance that they will continue to consume unhealthy foods later in life. It is fine to have a nice sports drink every now and then, as long as the child is not sitting on the ipad on the couch all day.”

skewed policy

Apart from the patronizing, according to readers of De Kwestie, it is also a skewed policy. For example, smoothies and fruit juices would be seen as healthy, but they are also full of sugar. Reader andre_van_rossum therefore emphasizes that sports drinks may increase sports performance, but are bad for health. “In many athletes, sugar affects the teeth. Too much sugar can also lead to heart problems. It causes insulin peaks and troughs, which disrupts the fat metabolism. And that’s not even talking about the high dose of caffeine.” That is why, according to another reader, it is not correct if sports drinks are banned. “Then why are chips, chocolate, orange juice or cookies still for sale in the cafeteria?”

Finally makes Ron Michon are also concerned about the possible enforcement of a ban on sports drinks. “That cannot be done. The only thing that helps is pointing out to manufacturers time and again that they really need to make their products healthier.”


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