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The ‘fake’ referendum against the King is being held this Saturday and OKDIARIO has witnessed how the Spaniards have turned their backs on him. Participation has been very low and, as this newspaper has confirmed, warranties were void. You could vote as many times as you wanted at different tables or at the same one, since you didn’t even ask for your ID.

OKDIARIO has voted until four times. The video that accompanies this information provides good proof that several ballots for the same person have been deposited at 10:57, at 11:26, at 11:42 and at 12:55 in different points of the Community of Madrid.

Only the postal code, the age group of the voter (from 20 to 30 years, for example) and the sex were required at the table. “We only ask for statistical purposes,” says a man who combs gray hair before the voter’s questions. On the picnic table and under the umbrella or tent I was sometimes one person and at other times up to three or four.

What was promoted as the referendum that was going to be the definitive lever “to say goodbye to the Monarchy” has remained in a mere daydream, as was the consultation for the independence of Catalonia according to the Supreme Court. The vast majority of people who passed by the polls did not participate. Only very politicized and very old people knew of the existence of this activity. «health and republic It was not stopped listening among retirees who wore the tricolor flag on their clothes.

The urns, which were made of a variety of materials such as cardboard, plastic or methacrylate, They have collected a small number of votes. They have been placed throughout the country, but not as many as electoral ones. As this newspaper has observed, they have only deposited a few dozen votes on them and most of the voters are very old. When viewing the data sheet, it was possible to observe how all the votes were in the range 60 years and older.

One of the voting tables owned by Podemos, whose logo appears on the tent.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the Civil Guard has not caused problems to the promoters of the polling stations. They only asked permission to set up an information table. The Ministry of Fernando Grande-Marlaska and the Delegation of the Government of Mercedes González, both from the PSOE, have thus consented to the placement of these elements on public roads as if it were a collection of signatures. However, by not requesting the DNI, the validity of the results is null.

The people who have expressed their opinion were divided. In front of a huge majority who see no point in this unofficial consultationa minority asks that Spaniards be allowed to vote in a referendum on the form of State and Government.

“It’s bullshit. It does not make any sense. I’m not going to vote. I’m going to have a few beers now.” says a young man. In the same way, another girl indicates: «I am always a monarchist. I don’t know what this referendum is about. On the other hand, another questioned man says: “I am in favor of consulting people, but it has to be done safely. I didn’t know you could vote multiple times. That’s why I’m not going to do it.”


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