6 movies in which you will find disturbing children who will scare you

There are times when we want to have a bad time. For that we just have to turn on the TV, open our favorite streaming application and put in the search engine: terror. From there, the enormous offer of scary movies will leave us with the difficult task of choosing which is the one that best suits that moment.

Because, honestly, not all of us are afraid of the same thing. Nor do we have the same phobias and terrors. Some are more about monsters, others about paranormal events… Then there are those who fear the dark and what it harbors. And finally, we have those who can’t bear to see a child.

Not because they are infanticides, don’t think badly, but because they feel terrified in the presence of a boy or girl who has the face of keeping a demon inside. The weakest and most defenseless people can become the greatest of terrors if the film approaches it in the right way.

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Today we bring you six movies in which very scary children appear. Of those that, when seeing them for the first time, you suspect. “They’re not clean wheat, I’m telling you,” you tell the television as you elbow your roommate. Time will prove you right, unfortunately for your neighbors.

Without further delay, let’s go with the films selected for today’s report, some that will make you tremble if you see them in the dark and late at night. If you are fearful or fearful, better not do it, for your own good.

6 films in which you will find disturbing children


A middle-class American family moves to live in an idyllic neighborhood, but strange things begin to happen inside the house, paranormal phenomena for which there is no possible explanation. We are talking about a classic from the 80s that still survives in our society.

This film, directed by Tobe Hooper, is one of the masterpieces of fantastic horror that over the decades has only increased its legend. The expression “it seems that we have built the house on an Indian burial ground” to refer to the fact that we are cursed came from here.

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If you haven’t seen her, it doesn’t matter, the girl in Poltergeist is more famous than the lion in Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Her name is Caroline and she must go towards the light. You will understand this reference when you see the movie, don’t worry. The movie itself isn’t about scary kids, but you won’t have a good time when the girl is on the scene.

Right now Poltergeist (1982) is available on HBO Max to watch it in high definition and during the almost two hours it lasts you’re not going to have a very good time. Of course, we are talking about an imperishable classic.

  • Title: Poltergeists
  • Release date: 1982
  • Duration: 1:49 hours
  • Platform: HBOMax


A sleepy little town in Maine is being terrorized by a malevolent force hidden behind a clown’s mask, known only as It. After their first victims, a gang made up of seven childhood friends decide to come together again to attack evil and destroy it.

This time we have another horror classic, in this case we are talking about a book that inspired two movies. An original that was released in 1990 and a modern remake that came in two parts in 2017 and 2019. Either one is worth a look. Depending if you want an old school or modern experience.

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The book is written by horror master Stephen King and for more than 1,300 pages it makes us suffer with an evil force that takes all kinds of forms. The films are worthy tributes that do their part. And while there is no child protagonist who is evil, evil takes all sorts of forms in said film.

With It you will have a bad time all the time, and when you think you can trust that poor boy who has appeared around that corner at night… you better prepare your best scream. By the way, as much as the main characters are children, do not put it on your children or nephews, you can kill them with a scare.

  • Title: It (part one)
  • Release date: 2017
  • Duration: 2:08 hours
  • Platform: HBOMax

The glow

Jack Torrance moves with his wife and seven-year-old son to the impressive Overlook Hotel in Colorado to take care of the maintenance of the facilities during the winter season, when it is closed and isolated by snow. Does it ring a bell? We continue.

His goal is to find peace and calm to write a novel. However, shortly after his arrival at the hotel, at the same time that Jack begins to suffer from disturbing personality disorders, strange and creepy paranormal phenomena occur.

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Today the report is about classics, and few children were scarier than those without special effects or CGI, here the fair makeup was done and what could be done was done. But, even so, we have some of the most mythical scenes in cinema. Of course, Stanley Kubrick’s hand shows.

If you are afraid of the evil children in this movie, you have them in pairs. And to round it off, it has a great Jack Nicholson who is scary that is not even half normal. We are before one of the papers of his career, which is said soon. The Shining (1980) is a must see movie.

  • Title: The glow
  • Release date: 1980
  • Duration: 2:26 hours
  • Platform: HBOMax

The Exorcist

Regan, a twelve-year-old girl, is the victim of paranormal phenomena such as levitation or the manifestation of superhuman strength. Her mother, terrified, after submitting her daughter to multiple medical tests that offer no results, goes to a priest with psychiatric studies.

This, convinced that the evil is not physical, but spiritual, that is to say that it is a diabolical possession, decides to practice an exorcism. Probably the most popular horror movie of all time. And we are talking about the greatest horror classic on the list, which is said soon, but it was a pioneer for something.

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The Exorcist (1973) is the quintessential movie, the reason why millions of people began to suspect children in movies and series. If an infant doesn’t seem trustworthy, the first thing we think is “I’m sure he’s evil, like the girl in the exorcist.”

You may not believe it, because it wasn’t planned, but The Exorcist is also available on HBO Max, since Warner Media was dedicated to buying much of the horror classics of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Right now it’s the platform of classic fear.

  • Title: The Exorcist
  • Release date: 1973
  • Duration: 2:06 hours
  • Platform: HBOMax

The seed of the devil

The Woodhouses, a New York couple, move into a building facing Central Park, which, according to a friend, is cursed. Once settled in, they become friends with Minnie and Roman Castevet, neighbors who shower them with attention.

Faced with the prospect of a good future, the Woodhouses decide to have a child; but, When Rosemary becomes pregnant, the only thing she remembers is having made love to a strange creature that has left her body covered in marks. As time goes by, Rosemary begins to suspect that her pregnancy is not normal.

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The fear for the child that is to come is even worse than the child already born. In The Devil’s Seed (1968) it is Roman Polanski who makes us tremble. Because at that time the great direct ones dared to make horror films, not like now, which seems like a minor genre.

It goes without saying that we are before one of the masterpieces of supernatural horror cinema, which has won prizes everywhere and has a good rating on all specialized websites. Without going any further, it borders on 8 in Filmaffinity. This is the first one that is not on HBO Max, what a coincidence.

  • Title: The seed of the devil
  • Release date: 1968
  • Duration: 2:18 hours
  • PlatformAmazon Prime


Strange things begin to happen in the Graham house after the death of the grandmother and matriarch, who inherits her house to her daughter Annie. Annie Graham, a married gallery owner with two children, did not have a very happy childhood with her mother, and believes that her death can turn the page.

But everything gets complicated when his youngest daughter begins to see ghostly figures, which also begin to appear before her brother. Little by little the girl begins to change along with her entire family. If you want to have a hard time with a movie where there is a scary child, and a lot, look no further.

The interpretation of the daughter, together with the good characterization, manages to reach very high levels of fear and discomfort. For many Hereditary (2018) is a modern horror classic.

  • Title: Hereditary
  • Release date: 2018
  • Duration: 2:02 hours
  • PlatformAmazon Prime
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To finish, we would tell you the classic “enjoy the selection”, but surely you will hate us in each of the recommendations.

But, to be honest, if you’re here it’s because you like to have a hard time. To enjoy.


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