Luis Juez

The national senator Louis Judge He was one of the protagonists of an eventful last session in the upper house. It is that the Cordovan leader had a strong crossing with his peers Jose Mayans Y oscar parrilli, both from the ruling party. But he also argued with the interim president of the body, that is, who replaces Cristina Kirchner in the highest seat. Is about Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamorawho accused to Judge of miss him the respect to one women.

It all started when the man from Córdoba from Together for Change had to present his question of preference. It was going to be about the division of the bloc of the front of all, promoted by Cristina Kirchner. But since she was absent, the Judge explained that he was not going to introduce her because she preferred to do so in the presence of the “natural” president of the senatorial body.

This is how the Judge began: “Madam President, I had agreed with the presidencies of our bench and the interbloc that the question of privilege was going to be formulated when the Vice President of the Nation, the natural president of this body, was presiding.” “Because she understood that she was the one who had validated the situation that gave rise to this question of privilege,” he remarked.

“Unfortunately, I could not foresee that this situation would arise. Do you realize what happens, President, when we enable anything goes? I can’t imagine being in her shoes, sitting there, trying to manage a session where it seems like we can do anything, “continued Juez, who stressed:” We have always respected each other, despite having thought diametrically opposed. We have had rules of the game even to hit each other, but always with respect”.

Before the prelude of the Cordovan, Ledesma Abdala de Zamora, former governor of Santiago del Estero, asked him: “Continue with the question of privilege, please.” The Cordovan replied: “Allow me. I have enough time to formulate it. So don’t rush me.” “But against whom…?” Asked Cristina’s replacement, and the Judge interrupted her: “You know where I’m going”

“Don’t rush me because if you are having difficulties conducting this session, it is a product…”, the opposition senator came to say, since Ledesma Abdala de Zamora interrupted him: “I want there to be order. Silence please”. “President, let me finish speaking,” Judge insisted. And the provisional head of the upper house asked him not to disrespect him.

Along these lines, the woman from Santiago said: “I am the one who has to be able to order and you are not going to come to me to set the timing. Silence please. I have to impart order here. Raise the question of privilege.” “When I am raising a question of privilege, you have to let me formulate it and finish it so that you can make the appropriate turn. There is only one regulation and it is the same for both”, the Judge asked him, and reiterated: “This happens when the rules of the game are broken. And this has happened.”

In the middle of the discussion, it was possible to observe the official senators William Snopeck Y Juliana Di Tullio reproaching the Judge’s actions, arguing that he is “disrespectful.” To calm down, the opposition senator Louis Naidenoff He called for “order” in the room. “We are going to end a session where some issues are of interest to the ruling party. Obviously, not what happens on the street. But a session for the opposition to debate, participate and not withdraw”, remarked the Formosan.

“Let Senator Judge finish and let’s continue with order,” Naidenoff suggested. Finally, Ledesma Abdala de Zamora stated: “It seems to me that we are disrespecting a woman. Bone please…”. And a few seconds later, addressing Judge, she said: “Well. Tell me the question of privilege. I give it one more chance. At least say ‘Excuse me’. Nothing else … ”, he concluded, before background laughter, especially from Cordoba, that he was able to finish his proposal.


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