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The war in Ukraine is leaving multimedia material as surprising as it is lethal. From vans adapted with missile launchers to anti-tank systems, like the ones Spain has sent, which wreak havoc on Russian aviation and artillery. Almost like something out of a video game, one of the latest footage shows how a drone attacks a russian soldier when he still had his rocket launcher at the ready after firing.

The drone’s camera is the privileged witness of both attacks, providing a very rare perspective among war videos. The details of the skirmish that are known at the moment are really scarce and only the ammunition used by the drone can be identified.

Everything seems to indicate that the unmanned aircraft had detected the presence of a couple of Russian soldiers, so it began to monitor their movements closely. As the soldier with the rocket launcher prepares to fire, a second Russian soldier walks around him and walks away from the area to the right of the image.

The next thing you see is how the soldier in charge of the weapon on the ground makes some adjustments to the weapon while aiming at a target that does not appear in the published recording. What you see right after is the launch of the grenade with stabilizers and, as it falls, the rocket launcher executes the shot.

The ammunition descends perpendicularly thanks to the coupling of a stabilization system that covers all the ammunition and includes some fins in the lower part. These modifications are used to make the descent as controlled and straight as possible to hit the target. And so much so that he succeeds.

Hundredths of a second later, the grenade falls to the ground and explodes very close to the soldier under Moscow’s orders, who falls on his back. It is unknown if he sustained injuries from the nearby explosion or escaped unscathed. As can be seen in the video, the drone operator launches the grenade with stabilizers before the Russian soldier carries out his attack.

In recent days, another video has appeared on social networks where an attack with stabilized grenades launched from drones can be seen again. On this occasion, the target was an armored vehicle of the Kremlin army that does not seem to be very harmed by the set. According to the technical sheet of the vehicle, it was designed to withstand even mine blasts which gives it extra resistance compared to other platforms.

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