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An analysis by Alexander Sladkov

An island is almost always a beachhead during combat operations. Speaking of Snake Island, it is the key to Odessa. The confirmation of this is the great attention paid by the Russian command on the very first day of the special military operation.

The island was taken, and Kyiv painfully admitted this, saying that the garrison on Snake Island had fallen heroically. It then turned out that she had not fallen but survived and even surrendered voluntarily to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

After that, the situation calmed down, the garrison of the Black Sea Fleet controlled this land bridgehead in the Odessa region. And then, with firm self-confidence, the Ukrainian armed forces began the assault, having decided that the timing was the most favorable in connection with the protracted confrontation in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Donetsk. However, it turned out that if we are talking about what should definitely belong to Russia, then under the current military conditions nobody can take it away from Russia.

The Ukrainians attempted an airborne landing and a naval landing on Snake Island, lost planes and helicopters, 30 drones (including Bayraktar), three armored assault boats. 50 combat swimmers wanted to land, naval fighters – the Russian anti-subversive forces and means worked impeccably.

The snake island has a great meaning. Remember the island of Sommers in the Gulf of Finland during the Great Patriotic War – its history was tragic for us. The Finnish Navy has the Soviet garrison from [der Insel] swept away in summer. We made a naval landing, the Finns destroyed it. The island turned out to be extremely important. Historians claim that if Sommers had been held, there would have been no blockade of Leningrad.

There are such islands that become crucial beachheads. In Leningrad we stood our ground, at that time we had a common enemy – fascism. We now own Snake Island and will not give it up, and neither will Odessa [wieder] be ours.

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