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In yet another chapter of directors who abandon projects for others to rescue them, it’s time to talk about the saga starwars. Specifically about Han Solo and how Ron Howard had to go into overdrive to rescue a movie that was a box office flop anyway. And that also left many fans dissatisfied.

Regardless of the quality or opinions of the film, the story here is that Ron Howard jumped into the Millennium Falcon in a hurry to save LucasFilm’s skin. It all started when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were hired by the studio to take on the first solo Han Solo film.

Success was assured, because both were brand new lego movie which resulted in everyone’s favourite, right after Jumpstreet, which also garnered a certain niche of fans. Nothing could go wrong for this galactic-flavored duo’s new adventure, however, some creative differences led the filmmakers to drop out of the mission.

Two days after his departure was announced, LucasFilm already had a replacement. Ron Howard would have shaken hands with the producers to command the direction of Han Solo. Hiring him was not entirely strange, considering that Howard came close to directing the Episode I from starwars. And that she worked with the studio previously when she filmed Willow in 1988.

Although details about the transition were never revealed, Howard has now broken the silence. Apparently the director met with past directors to find the middle ground between old and new. And at the same time incorporate the demands of the study, which resulted in extensive (and expensive) reshoots.

“I understood that this difference had created a schism to the point where they were not going to be able to continue working together, and that was really unfortunate because I like Phil and Chris, and I also admire them a lot,” the director commented. “When I looked at the footage and read the script, which I liked, I felt like I understood what the studio and Lucasfilm were looking for in finishing the movie. And reshooting part of the movie, in some places, I thought about reconceiving some scenes, which they were open to.”

These scenes required organizing the production again to return behind the cameras. Supposedly the reshoots increased the film’s budget considerably, which was ultimately estimated to be between $275 million and $300 million. All with a special urgency so that the film premiered on the agreed date.

Howard met with the previous directors in hopes of a peaceful transition. Fortunately, the above happened without problems. And furthermore, this collaboration finally led to Howard and Disney agreeing to make a series of Willow for the platform streaming.

“I had some really heartwarming conversations with Phil and Chris, who told me they weren’t leaving because I was coming in,” he explained. “For me, it was an absolute exercise in professionalism and friendship, and it indirectly led to a season of Willowwhat we are doing now [con] Jonathan Kasdan».

Sadly history did not reward the effort. In the end, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story did not get the expected results at the box office. Worse still, the fans did not support the story told by the writer and director either. To date it is probably the only installment in the franchise that is actually a financial flop.

The consequences of the fiasco were that Disney and LucasFilm slightly changed their plans. On the table, the films focused on Obi-Wan and Boba Fett were already drawn, which finally found the solution in the format of television series for Disney Plus. And it seems that this format is the most successful today. To the date The Mandalorian is probably the most beloved series on the platform.

Despite how little he liked Han Solo, there is a small group of fans who ask for a sequel, like the director. And according to the gossips a spinoff with Danny Glover focused on the young version of Lando Calrissian, it still remains in the studio’s plans.

Would you like to see a sequel to Han Solo or maybe more spin offs of other characters?

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