They discover that the Apple Maps app had software that was updated by default every 60 seconds to do a location scan causing high latency in users’ WiFi, luckily it can be disabled.

There are many times when the WiFi in our house is not going as fast as it should, in most cases we just get angry and invent the reasons why it is happening, however, there are people who do not stay there and investigate to find the real cause.

This is the case for @benskuhn, who after noticing his Zoom calls getting blurry every 60 seconds decided to find out what was causing it. To his surprise, the culprit in question was the default application of Apple Mapswhich is designed to make a Location scan automatically every 60 seconds.

By requiring the location to be updated every minute, a WiFi network scan, an action that causes latency growth during the seconds that the scan lasts.

Luckily, you can disable this software feature manually on your Mac, just override access to location in Maps in the Preferences section of Settings. Though this isn’t the first time @benskuhn has discovered an app slowing down their WiFi.

A few years ago, he himself discovered that DJing at the wifi toolbar caused latency spikes in the network, and the same happens with any app that scan WiFi networks in the background.

It is surprising that a manufacturer as big and strong as Apple is not capable of designing software that, while collecting all the information on use and other aspects that can help the company offer a better personalized service, cannot do it without affecting WiFi latency.

And in the event that your WiFi is unstable and there are times when it does not have as much power, investigate a little more thoroughly, because the solution may be closer and easier to solve than you think.


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