Герпетолог Черлин дал рекомендации на случай встречи со змеями на природе

Doctor of Biological Sciences, herpetologist Vladimir Cherlin, in an interview with RT, told how to behave when meeting snakes in the forest or in the country.

According to the expert, snakes can be found in any region of Russia.

The expert also noted that most people would not be able to tell if a snake is venomous or not.

At the same time, the herpetologist emphasized that the vast majority of snakes that are found are non-venomous. This, according to him, can be snakes or snakes of different colors.

“Only vipers are poisonous in our zone, and in the south, in Dagestan, a gyurza appears – this is a large poisonous snake,” the RT interlocutor added.

Cherlin explained that of all the snakes that live on the territory of Russia, there are practically no ones that are so aggressive that, when they see a person, they try to bite him.

“Any snake attack is a provoked attack. Or, unfortunately, there are situations when picking mushrooms or berries: a person did not see, stepped on it or, grabbing a mushroom, grabbed a snake that lay behind him with his hand, ”said the expert.

He added that in 99% of cases, the snake will try to crawl away or hide. Then you need to take a step aside and move on, explained the doctor of biological sciences.

“In the forest it is better to wear boots or tight boots. The snakes that live in our zone have small teeth, and they themselves are not large, so neither boots nor boots will bite through, ”he advised.

Earlier, biologist Pavel Glazkov warned that snakes, insects and arachnids can pose a threat to people with allergies, and their bites can cause dangerous health consequences.


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