Guide and advice to buy a washing machine with dryer function

When we have to change the washing machine or buy a new one, many of us think of buying a device that washes and dries, but many times we do not do it due to ignorance. Well, we are going to try to get you out of your doubts and thus know everything you need to buy a good washing machine with a drying function.

It would not be a bad choice to have each device separately, that is, the washer and dryer next to each other or stacked, but not everyone has that capacity, or money, or space and that is why you have to look a single product that serves both.

We must be clear that washing machines with a drying function are usually a little larger than normal washing machines, due to their double equipment. It is something to take into account when placing it in the place where we had thought.

They are devices designed not only for those who do not have enough space, but they also come in handy in areas where there is a lot of humidity in the environment and it is very difficult to dry clothes. On the other hand, we are talking about devices that will help us save time by not having to take out any garment to put it in the dryer.

Based on these advantages, we are going to know a little better all the information on washer-dryers.

How do they work?

Although both the washing machine and the dryer are in the same device, the operation is actually carried out separately as you may have imagined.

The washing machine will work independently with its respective steps, doing the laundry like any other device of its kind, with standard functions that all washing machines share as:

  • Hand wash: This is the option that is usually used in delicate garments, bathing suits or underwear.
  • temperature settings: adjusts the temperature between cold water (more energy efficient) or hot water (ideal for the most dirty clothes).
  • extended spin: it spreads more than the normal spin, making, for example, the duvets come out much drier and without excess water.
  • Extra rinse cycle: This removes excess detergent.
  • custom settings: there are washing machines that allow us to have functions that we have customized to our liking.
  • water levels: with this function you can use less water to wash
  • sanitize cycle: it is prepared to eliminate bacteria during a deep cycle,

The washing machine is an important investment in any home. This report was born with the idea of ​​helping to understand what should be ordered today and which model best suits the needs of each home.

Once we have washed the clothes, it is time to dry them and this is where we must be somewhat selective, especially if we have put blankets or quilts, which should be the first to dry.

In the dryers there are certain functions more or less standard to all of them, such as:

  • Humidity sensor: if the dryer has it, like many today, it should tell us how wet the clothes are, in addition to adjusting the drying time.
  • Anti-wrinkle function: It is created to achieve wrinkle-free garments after the drying cycle.
  • extended drying: let’s say that it extends the cycle of both drying and anti-crease, for better results.
  • drying rack: This is something that not all dryers have, but it is beginning to be used more and more. They are put in the dryer for best results.

Then there are also some technology features that not all washer-dryers have.

In the market there are different models that have them and in the very near future it will be much more normal to see:

  • Digital screen: There are models with digital screens with many options and tremendous information and display quality. There are even LED screens.
  • Wifi: the most modern ones have a WiFi receiver, being able to manage them from a smartphone, from an Amazon Echo or Google Home style device.
  • detergent load: some washing machines have the power to disperse the detergent as it is needed.
  • Energy: While years ago it was unthinkable for any device of this type to consume little, today we can find them with an A energy rating.
  • Self-cleaning: in certain machines there are self-cleaning cycles so that we do not have to be the ones who have to wash them by hand.

Types of washer-dryers

Regardless of the equipment that can vary between one and the other, the great differentiation is made in the front-loading washer-dryers or those whose loading is done from the top,

The best-selling model is the one with its mouth load on the front for two fundamental reasons: they consume much less water, as well as being more efficient due to the position and shape of the drum.

As for those of top load They are recommended for people who cannot bend over or have back problems. Due to its loading mouth, they cannot be placed on a countertop.

What should we look for when buying a washer-dryer?

When we go to buy a washer dryer we must look at certain details that are going to be decisive for us to make one decision or another.

We must always analyze the purchase from the point of view of the washer-dryer that best suits our needs.

  • Manufacturing materials: as is evident, the materials in which it is built will be important, although it is true that today it is somewhat outdated and practically in its entirety they meet the necessary standards
  • spin speed: the better the spin, the less effort the drying part will have to do, so we can look at this too. With a spin above 1,000 RPM it may be more than enough.
  • washing machine load: in this section we must decide which is the one that we like the most, if the upper one or the front one. From there, we must be clear about which washing machine we need, since 8 kilograms can be enough (about 3 people) or we need it to be 10 Kg (about 4 people).
  • dryer load: the same thing happens with the capacity of the washing machine, although you should know that the load capacity of the dryer will always be somewhat less than that of the washing machine due to its operation.
  • Noise: noise is something that brands have worked a lot on in recent years, reducing it quite a bit. Even so, we must be clear about where we want to place the washer-dryer, since it is not the same to put it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the patio or in a room of a house with no one around.
  • Security systems: all the security systems that you bring will be welcome. Although there are many people who do not pay attention to this section, it is very important. There are models with a door locking or delayed opening system, as well as a lock for possible water leaks or an alarm for any incident detected, including electrical problems.

At a time when everything is happening at a dizzying pace and everything is hyperconnected and automated, do you still have to adjust your schedule so that you have time to do the laundry? These are the smart LG washing machines that adapt to you.

Some examples

Since we already know what to look for to buy a good washer-dryer for us, in addition to knowing the existing types and standards, it may be a good time to learn about a few options that may be interesting and see if one suits what we are looking for.

Look at these models to see if there is one to buy right now:

Now you have all the information to choose the best washer-dryer for you, your home and your needs.

If you tell us which one you have chosen and why on our social networks, we will be delighted to read you.


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