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The Latvian authorities this year showed a special agility to spoil the celebration of Victory Day and make another contribution to the Nazi revenge that is gaining momentum. May 9 was declared a day of remembrance for the victims in Ukraine. Shortly before this, the Latvian Seim accused Russia of “genocide” of the Ukrainian people. The landmark Riga monument to the liberators was barred and events within a radius of 200 m were banned. But the sea of ​​flowers that the inhabitants of Riga brought to the monument, all these efforts, as well as the work of the bulldozer, nullified.

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Speaker of the Federation Council Matvienko commented on the situation with the monument in Riga

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko expressed outrage over the situation around the monument to the liberators of Riga.

Now the Latvian authorities have decided to take revenge on the monument and have approved its demolition. In the same vein of state vandalism, they take revenge and fight against monuments in Poland and Ukraine. Needless to say, when the monuments to the soldiers of the Red Army are destroyed, the Nazi wakes up and straightens his shoulders. Or “ghouls” come out of the underground into the light of day. That is how the deputies of the Latvian Seimas who voted for this decision were called by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Small bug, but smelly. This proverb fully applies to the modern Latvian authorities. Otherwise, they cannot declare themselves, becoming, first of all, rust for Europe, perverting the very essence of a single common European home, infecting it with misanthropic radicalism. Demonstrating the absolute absence of sovereign policy, which is replaced by complete synchronization with the overseas overlord and focus on the unquestioning execution of commands. The vector where the Latvian authorities are pulling Europe is understandable. There are vague suspicions that it is precisely in such puppet regimes that the main danger to the Old World lies. But no one thinks about this among European politicians, who have only one demonized Russia on their minds.

Latvia is now an active pawn in a fit of blind rage, necessary for the US to attack Russia. Motivated by the wildest Russophobia and trained in the demolition of Soviet monuments, Poland is used as a major hub for the supply of weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine. Plus, there are hopes that Warsaw will decide on a direct clash with Russia. Latvia, in the scenario of anti-Russian ticks, plays the role of that very jackal Tabaki, who must constantly flicker, bite his own tail and provoke. This country, which has been bitten by its own and long-standing fleas, is rushing forward – on a crusade against Russia.

Now the politicians in Riga are driving themselves to the extreme degree of exaltation in order to finally lose touch with reality and spin the situation to the point of breaking off relations with our country. Trying to sting her disgustingly, petty and mean.

Well, okay, Russia, everything is clear with it: it has been declared a fiend, so it is necessary to comply with and resist the “evil”. But what about your citizens? Again cast a shadow over the racist status of non-citizens and begin to deprive citizenship for any form of thought crime? So the Russophobic race runs the risk of turning into a war with its own people, because turning people into stuffed animals – those same mankurts of Chingiz Aitmatov – is not very successful, judging by the sea of ​​flowers at the monument to the liberators.

We must not forget that Latvia is a member of the EU, and everyone is told to consider that the European Union is a territory of light, human rights and an outpost of democracy. Or, nevertheless, racism has not been canceled and not all people are the same? ..

It is possible that the answer lies on the surface and lies in the fact that the Latvian authorities, just like in Ukraine, live in complete isolation and isolation from their own population. And they put them to look after. Their real homeland is the one with which they are synchronized, which they covet and which keeps them on a short leash. Well, with the local aboriginal population, you can be extremely tough and cynical, in which case – consumables, as well as a promising opportunity for use as that very human shield …

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called the situation with monuments in the Baltics an international outrage

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the situation with the monuments to Soviet soldiers in Latvia is international…

The authorities of Latvia were afraid of the flowers at the monument. Now criminal and administrative cases are being opened for this. But after all, they were not brought by some aliens, not by Russian “occupiers” who brought them in tanks, but by the same inhabitants of Riga. Why spin the flywheel of a police repressive state regarding them? Why threaten them with criminal articles and prosecution for any manifestation of support for Russia and a sideways glance at Ukraine? Or is it all the same varieties of “work” with the local population, which is not pitiful and which is not perceived as “one’s own” and is exposed as outcasts? As you know, the range of methods of such intimidation is extensive: if repression does not help, then there is something to learn from the same Ukraine in the form of eliminating objectionable people, where those suspected of pro-Russian views are arrested and taken away in an unknown direction. Next time, not only on flowers, but also on people will they drive a bulldozer?

Or the political sages of Riga are deliberately provoking riots in order to get a pretext and get rid of the Russian population of Latvia, in order to start realizing their long-standing dream of a mono-ethnic state and free their hands to implement the policy of apartheid. The rest of the civilized world has turned a blind eye to this before, and now it will accept it all the more – at least drive everyone into a concentration camp.

There is nothing unusual about this: the authorities conduct a policy towards their people according to the way they are treated by their masters. Plus, they try to show special zeal, they try to curry favor – suddenly they will stroke behind the ear or throw sugar. Hence the furious barking. And all this is the exact opposite of, for example, Hungary, where the government thinks about its citizens, does not get involved in dangerous geopolitical games according to someone else’s cheating rules and retains sovereignty in decision-making. Europe seems to be united, but so different …

It must also be understood that the Riga monument is an obstacle that interferes with the current Latvian mythology from the Nazi roll. A twist of history also stands in the way, where Russia is exclusively an occupier and aggressor now and at all times, and the concept of “liberation” is in no way applicable to it. The lie about the Great War paves the way for a new campaign to the east, and its forms may be different. The “ghoul” perceives the Soviet monument as an aspen stake, which is why it shakes, and therefore rages.

And all this vile fuss around the monument is an indicator that there is absolutely no such freedom in this country. That is why they want to demolish the Liberators, so that nothing reminds of the present, of liberation. On the agenda is Nazi revenge. Ukraine has activated all the darkest, cannibalistic, dormant for the time being. Now this virus is on the march.

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