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Updated Saturday, May 14, 2022 –

Spain, Italy and England are presented as some of the great favorites in a year marked by ballads and the drop in the level

Czech Republic will open the festival with its electronic popAP

The Eurovision grand final is already made up of the 25 countries that will fight for the crystal microphone after the always tortuous road to the semifinals, which have ruined the illusions of fantastic options like Latvia, Israel or Ireland. But this is a contest, only one can win and the competition is tough.

Although the average quality has fallen in this edition, there are sensational numbers. Above all, within the top 5 -United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain-, which add up to more than 200 million inhabitants and a large part of the economic weight and that comes for all.

accustomed to that Spain either United Kingdom Every year they suffer the contempt of the European audience, it will be historic to see how the points rain down on them. Because the madness with Sam Ryder and Chanel is absolute in Turn. Every time one of the two steps on stage, alone in rehearsals, everything changes.

As much as Ukraine’s victory is taken for granted, with Kalush Orchestra, breathing hope into their compatriots at war, It is safe to say that the British is the other favorite as the prodigious artist that he is. He has a prodigious voice reminiscent of David Bowie or Elton John, a brutal song like space man and the staging is one of the best of the year. The BBC is tired of being ignored and if it doesn’t win, the UK’s relationship with the festival could enter an almost definitive crisis.

We can say the same about Chanel, who already deserves to enter the Eurovision pantheon of our country as a goddess. There is illusion in abundance before the possible chanelazo, that is, place ourselves at least among the top five. Are there real possibilities? Of course. Chanel knows it, the Spanish delegation knows it and all the international journalists in Turin, who have adopted it as one of their favorites.

Although the song SloMois inferior in quality to others, there is no performance rounder. Each step on stage in the previous rehearsals is better than the previous one and perfection is already close in the choreography and in the voice of the Spanish representative.

Italy and France also raise the level. The hosts, with Mahmood and Blanco, set the mood with the superb ballad that is Brividi. Add to that Mahmood’s captivating charisma and timbre, which he can make them repeat as winners. It’s more difficult for the French with Alvan & Ahez and their music in Breton. They are the Tanxugueiras in the gala version, with a worse theme and with an electronic base, but they deserve to go to the top ten. Imagine the Galician women here in Turin.

The only disappointment is Germany who selected a Malik Harris, who cannot go unnoticed.

Out of them, the leading role falls on Ukraine and its theme Stephanie, halfway between folk and hip hop; Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs with Hold me closerpossibly the best theme of the gala, and the disturbing Konstrakta for Serbia. Ah can be the great covered of the night, the black horse, with In a healthy bodya song that mixes Serbian and Latin and benefits the Balkan diaspora.

The biggest fiasco of the edition is the stage, which seemed spectacular, but technical problems have prevented the delegations from using the revolving arches and the stage floor is always dirty. Let’s not leave RAI out of the galley of horrors either with a production full of long, impersonal shots, with operators sneaking into the camera and with bland postcards to present to each country.

Luckily, we are left with Laura Pausini, always magnificent presenting, together with Mika, who has one of the performances of the night. And Alessandro Catelan, one of the most popular faces in Italy. And, of course, Mneskin and the eternal Gigliola Cinquetti, who will return to the Eurovision stage to remember Italy’s first victory in 1964 with Non ho l’et.

Lady andsiras our representative says, at this time we can dream with him chanelazo.


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