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We’ve been so many years without winning Eurovision and we have stayed so many times at the gates not only of triumph but of illusion, that the arrival of chanell to our lives, despite the tumult of bickering caused by his election over his Galician rivals the Tanxungueiras or Ribogerta and her tits, has meant a rebirth of Spanish fervor for the festival far beyond what we eurofans of forever.

She has turned everything upside down. Many did not understand her SloMo, but I was very clear even before our representative proclaimed her, that it was the best proposal that we were going to send from Spain in many years. The most complete as a show and the most international and Eurovision.

Today I have no mistakes for her. These are my ten hits for which Chanel could bring the dreamed crystal microphone to Spain.

one. For his show in capital letters. Never before has Spain sent such a round performance to Eurovision. So international and at the same time with so much Spanishness.


2. Because there hasn’t been in the Festival’s 66-year history such a millimeter and spectacular choreography.

3. Because neither from Spain nor from any other country, there has never been a show that a continuous dance and impeccable voice as she does in a performance full of strength.

Four. For its impressive look. Yes, that by Palomo UK that beyond the bulls and some criticism represents a fashion rich in nuances and history. It is not a suit of lights, it is a suit with many lights, which speaks a lot about our memory and our folklore.

5. by those dancers who make the Chanel show even bigger. Everyone, them and them. But that Pol who is like his shadow deserves a monument.

6. For the energy, beauty, permanent smile and tireless that squanders our representative.

7. Because nobody better than her, a ‘curranta’ cream of musicals and on stage, despite his youth, he could give Spain the place it deserves at the Festival.

8. For that union of professionalism and freshness. Everything in her is work, although it seems that it only comes out when she gets out of bed. And Eurovision must reward work, effort and pure professionalism.


9. Because he has managed to put Europe in his pocketbeyond the good data in the surveys, and his promotional journey has been impeccable.

10. And because it was time for something to sound so good in Europe since those 53 years that we have not won the Festival.

Whatever happens, thank you Chanel for so much.


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