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Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the idea of ​​transferring Russian funds frozen in the West to Ukraine “theft.” Actually, the Americans are not the first time – earlier they sent money from the Central Bank of Afghanistan to help the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. And this despite the fact that none of the terrorists was neither a citizen of Afghanistan nor a resident of this country – the vast majority were Saudis. But the Americans were afraid to take money from Saudi Arabia – so you can be left without any allies in the Middle East, and without oil at the same time.

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There are many scientific and pseudo-scientific versions of why the Western European civilization managed to become the richest and most prosperous on Earth. They talk about a special Protestant ethic that stimulates industriousness and enterprise, they talk about the “spirit of freedom”, which, they say, stimulates scientific and creative thought, and so on and so forth.

And the main reason is extremely simple, and it can be formulated in one word. Thus, which Sergei Lavrov said – “theft.” First they robbed Byzantium and the Middle East, hiding behind the Crusades. Then they began to rob America, India, China. Along the way, they did not disdain to rob each other and their own inhabitants. If someone forgot about the expulsion of Jews from England or Spain, I recommend remembering. Or the notorious English “fencing”, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of peasants lost their livelihood and died of starvation. There was also a huge famine in British-occupied Ireland in the middle of the 19th century, as a result of which more than a million people died and about the same number became refugees. The most brutal reprisals against the rebellious Indians. “Opium” wars in China – enlightened Europeans demanded the free sale of drugs in China.

And of course, we must not forget about European privateering – legalized piracy, absolutely undisguised robbery of civilian ships during the war.

So there is not the slightest doubt that the basis of European well-being was and is banal theft and robbery. But Russia behaved in exactly the opposite way. As they say, “Russian barbarians broke into auls and camps, leaving behind only libraries, theaters and museums.” It is surprising that the inhabitants of the same Ukraine or the Baltic states do not see how, under the strict Western leadership, all their industrial potential created by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union is degrading and being destroyed, and their children are forced to go to the European Union to work as laborers, because there is no work in their homeland and not expected. Although, of course, they see, they just can’t do anything.

I am sure that Europe will not just give up trying to steal our money. In principle, even the current freeze is a reason for a retaliatory freeze of all Western assets in our country, and then let private investors deal with their governments about compensation. Although it seems that we, as in past times, intend to follow the rules to the last, which even the one who invented them does not follow.

Why does the West allow itself to act this way towards Russia? Perhaps because he got away with the previous large-scale robbery of our country. The gold of the Russian Empire, numerous real estate objects that belonged to the state and the imperial family, as well as to those representatives of the political and financial elite who could not get out of the country engulfed in revolution – where are they? There is still no clear answer.

In Eastern Europe and the Baltics, restitution took place, the heirs of the property owners received their compensation, but Russia received nothing after the collapse of the USSR. Like, things of bygone days, why do this.

The West is counting on exactly the same now. Moscow will not fight over money! And there, you see, there will be new problems, new questions, and the robbery will be forgotten.

Therefore, we now need to use all available opportunities to seek the return of not only freshly stolen money, but also those – royal – capital. Of course, with all the interest accumulated over more than 100 years. And the Baltic countries, which, like pugs, accept crazy statements about recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state”, it’s time to bill for all the infrastructure facilities created during their life in a single state. Same with percentages, of course.

The West has been talking to Russia in the language of ultimatums for many years now. So, it’s time for us to start talking to him in the same language, since he doesn’t understand others.

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