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This Saturday, starting at 3:10 p.m., Chicago must receive Atlanta at Mataderos for a new date of the First National. However, the meeting is in danger. What happened? The Utedyc guild, due to a conflict with the club, threatens to suspend the match. It demands the payment of wages, the reinstatement of the nine dismissed workers and warned that it will prevent all kinds of events until there is a solution.

The president of Chicago, Hugo Bellón, spoke with Ole about this situation. First, he explained how the events unfolded: “When we took office on April 5 of last year, we found ourselves with a great setback: a debt of 400 million pesos, more than 60 lawsuits and all resources seized. Seeing the great wage mass that the club has due to the number of employees, the logical thing was to say that we could not maintain it. However, we devote all our efforts to pay the salaries. So you will have an idea, The salary mass of plant employees is greater than what is paid in salaries to the club’s professional staff.

Hugo Bellón, new president of Chicago. Photo: Ascent World.

The situation began at the end of 2021. “We were 30% behind in salaries and that’s where the problems began. I understand that the one who works has to get paid. But what happened was not normal. There were escraches, even in my house. We thought of possible solutions such as reducing the workload and offered voluntary withdrawals, but they told us no”, he added. To make matters worse, the dismissal of nine workers worsened the climate with the union. “It was the decision that hurt us the most, but we had no alternative. At the request of the union, the mandatory conciliation was issued, which we had already requested in December. It was issued almost two months later. And in the midst of this conciliation they threaten not to allow Saturday’s game against Atlanta to be played. That is not a measure of force, it is extortion.”

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Bellón reiterated the problems that the club is going through. “Those who work have to get paid, but if we don’t have money, we can’t pay. We even proposed paying compensation in installments. The situation in Chicago is not new. Everyone knows the mess they left us with. It’s a monstrous debt and they keep coming in new embargoes. Now, It is in the only club that this happens to threaten us with stopping a game. And it never happened before. Maybe it happens to us because we are a new Board of Directors in which we are all workers and not millionaires,” hill.

On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary of the Federal Capital Section, Gustavo Padin, warned: “Those who want to overwhelm and those who want to run over the interests of those we represent, be careful. Because UTEDYC is going to do everything that is necessary so that they do not interfere and so that our fellow workers have the best well-being”. And he limited: “This is our essence, our function and mission, because the most worthy thing there is for the human being is his work.”


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