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Junqueras maneuvers to create a left-wing front to integrate Alicante into the ‘Catalan countries’

The president of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) Oriol Junqueras intends to promote a broad front of the left that, hand in hand with the Catalan independence movement, from wings to the ‘Catalan countries‘ in Valencian territory. For it, Oriol Junqueras has already closed the presentation of an ERC candidate for Mayor of Alicante in the next local elections: the professor of Computer Science at the University of Alicante Mikel Forcadaand held a meeting in Valencia with the mayor of that city Joan Ribó (Compromise).

Theorists of that entelechy called ‘Catalan countries‘ maintain that its territorial extension includes Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community on Spanish soil. Over the last few years, the 3 communities have taken steps in this direction on several fronts, including: the imposition of a common tax on the 3 territories, which is the tourist tax -tax on overnight stays in regulated establishments-, the creation of one audiovisual platform together with contents in Catalan and the expansion of Valencian through teaching and the imposition of the requirement of that language in the Administration.

Now they have gone a step further. Hand in hand with Oriol Junqueras ERC, they are preparing to promote a broad front that brings together all the left-wing forces that in one way or another are related to the Catalan independence movement to enter the town halls and have a loudspeaker from there. One more step in what the president of the Popular Party in the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazón from Alicante, has defined as a accelerated processsimilar to the one experienced in Catalonia.

The arguments that defend this thesis are based on the intrahistory of Junqueras’s visit to Alicante barely 48 hours ago. During that visit, Junqueras offered his party as a base to coordinate a broad candidacy for mayor of this city and met with social entities that also support building bridges with the independence movement to “explore” a common candidacy. In addition, according to the sources consulted, he left a sentence that speaks very clearly of his intentions: he said that the alternative to that front “is to lose” against the Popular Party and Vox. He said little or nothing about the socialists.

Junqueras met with representatives of the Esquerra Republicana del País Valenciano (ERCPV), Acció Cultural and various social entities. Therefore, it was not just any meeting but an act organized to the millimeter and conceived in its structure and its speech, which shows that the subject is serious.

And at that meeting, according to the sources consulted, Junqueras set the example of his municipality, that of San Vicenç dels Horts (San Vicente de los Huertos), in the Bajo Llobregat region, where in 2011 Esquerra ousted the PSC, also with a wide front. In the case of Alicante, the independence movement also has a clear image of the opponent to beat. And they are not the socialists, but the Popular Party and Vox.

Therefore, right now, what the Catalan independence movement in Alicante and the Valencian Community is working on is structuring a broad-based candidacy, which speaks of more things than the mere territorial issue and language. Its objective is that from the social and business spheres it is perceived as a useful instrument for society. That is its strategy, whose background is to incorporate this territory into the ‘Catalan countries‘.

For this reason, Carlos Mazón responded forcefully yesterday to Junqueras himself. The president of the Valencian PP has Daniel Sirera as one of his main advisers in the Valencian Community, who has experienced the Catalan process in the first person -he was president of the PP in Catalonia- and who has already warned that the steps being taken by the nationalist and pro-independence left entail a growing catalanization through a friendly strategy, with an orderly structure and a clear purpose.


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