How to know if there is someone spying on my WhatsApp on the iPhone and what to do to remedy it

Our privacy is important. The last thing we want is someone eavesdropping on our conversations. We could even teach them, if we are asked, but that it happens without our knowledge is somewhat disturbing. In WhatsApp, one of the different messaging apps at our disposal, we have several resources to know if someone is accessing our messages.

Tsst, I think someone is listening to us

Although the Facebook app does not stand out in terms of privacy, as far as the chats themselves are concerned your content is end-to-end encrypted. This means that in order to access someone’s WhatsApp messages, you have to do it at one end of the conversation, that is, on the iPhone that we use or that our interlocutor uses.

The easiest way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversations is set up the account on a computer. This will happen if, at any time, we leave our iPhone unattended, because it is only necessary to enter and link a device, it is a matter of 30 seconds. Fortunately, it is also very easy to check if this is the case. To do this, we just have to open the app WhatsApplet’s get into Settinglet’s click on Linked Devices and let’s touch any suspicious and mark Sign off to remove it.

The other way to spy on WhatsApp conversations, very basic, is simply for someone to pick up our iPhone and read. Given this we can do several things, the simplest is change phone code in Settings > Face ID and code and even Restore FaceID if we see that there is an alternative face configured.

If we only suspect that someone is accessing our iPhone to read the conversations, there is a quite ingenious resource to easily figure it out. In a few words, it is about creating a shortcut with the same icon as WhatsApp that, when executed, takes a photo of the suspect and sends it to us by mail. Thus, we will be able to know instantly when someone has tried to open the WhatsApp app (in this case the decoy) on our iPhone.

As we can see, it is fairly simple solutions to very little complex “attacks”. Attacks, however, that achieve their goal, but that we can easily detect to ensure that our conversations remain private.


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