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They are very fashionable and almost all of us have one at home or know someone who only cooks with it. Now, do you really know how oil fryers work? If you are still a little lost, we will explain it to you.

The fryer is one of the appliances that has been most present in our kitchens. However, times have changed and today we care more about our health and nutrition. This is where the new version is, the fryers without oil.

They are rapidly gaining popularity, which is not surprising considering that people are becoming more aware of the things they eat and want to avoid certain excesses.

We have recently explained to you some mistakes that you can make if you are a novice with this new appliance, but In this article we come to explain to you how they rarely work and thus get rid of doubts.

This Proscenic air fryer allows you to fry without the need for oil, preparing dishes that are just as tasty and much healthier. It has a 5.5 liter stainless steel bucket that you can put in the dishwasher.

But how does an oil-free fryer really work?

In simple since we are going to find a combination of things that are going to make our food look like it has been submerged in a pool of oil.

The first thing to keep in mind is that oil-free fryers are not really oil-free, although the amount is so minimal that it is not even taken into account.

Now, let’s get to the point. An oil-free fryer heats the air up to 200º and circulates the hot air through one or more powerful fans around the food. This will gradually cause the food, which is in contact with that minimum amount of oil, to be fried as if it were submerged.

This is scientifically called the Maillard effect, whereby food obtains a golden and crispy appearance.

All the information you need before buying an oil-free fryer so you don’t make a mistake in your choice, we have also selected the best models.

And it is that, the interior of a fryer without oil is designed to ensure that the air circulates evenly through every inch of the cooking zone, always at a constant speed and temperature, to ensure that food cooks evenly.

It should be noted that most air fryers are equipped with a cooling system that circulates cold air between the wall of the internal cooking chamber and the external plastic, to prevent these temperatures from burning us when we pick up the appliance.

Oil-free fryers are incredibly easy to operate, which combined with how safe they are makes them a perfect solution for those who know how to cook and those who don’t.


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